Why Is No One Talking About 1930s Shoes?

Pubblicato il 15 set 2020
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watch me simp over 90 year old shoes for almost 15 min straight
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Karolina Żebrowska

    Karolina Żebrowska

    5 mesi fa

    I start showing shoes around 2:30 just in case you got bored with the intro. also lol I just noticed, when I was talking about shoes looking like Vans I actually meant the ones on the next image

    • Din Djarum

      Din Djarum

      Mese fa

      You remind me of a concierge I knew at a hostel in Cardiff. Her name was Stella. She liked stop motion animation and puppets. She was the coolest lady I have ever met. So yeah. I'm subscribing now.

    • WineInMyGlasses


      2 mesi fa

      Hi, share with us your list of vintage reproduction shoe companies! :D You listed off a few rather quickly, and I would love to know which all your favorites are.

    • Natural Mystic

      Natural Mystic

      3 mesi fa

      Sorry chick it’s not 1930 ..it’s nearly 2021 you really need to catch up..✨🌼🌞🌼✨

    • Elle Welle

      Elle Welle

      4 mesi fa

      @Kimberly Hills Thanks!

    • Kimberly Hills

      Kimberly Hills

      4 mesi fa

      irregular choice shoes .com shoes in this style with the craziest patterns they literally throw a painting on the bottom of the shoes your welcome 🙏 💕💚🤍

  • Veronica Aragon

    Veronica Aragon

    3 ore fa

    Imma need the links to those vintage shoe stores. Asking for a friend.

  • Iiris Hautala

    Iiris Hautala

    Giorno fa

    I got two pairs of my grannies heels from 30s. Unfortunately she had tiny feet and Im a bigfoot.

  • kook kook kook kook

    kook kook kook kook

    Giorno fa

    cant agree that they look good, but can agree that they're much interesting than the modern ones

  • Ellemoonriver


    4 giorni fa

    I know, right? I've always love the shape and find it so weird that we cannot find something like these anymore, these days. They are gorgeous, especially sandals! 😍 They made the sexiest sandals. I love the heels, they look so sturdy and comfortable

  • Ericka Tudhope

    Ericka Tudhope

    4 giorni fa

    The brand "I love billy" does a decent job and recreating this style. Not perfect, I don't think they angle the heel right, but they have the round toe and the curve in the heel (in some not all of their styles)

  • Lisa Leach

    Lisa Leach

    9 giorni fa

    My Nana was a housemaid for a shoe factory owner in the 30's. She had sample size feet so, he gave her several pairs. I'm not sure she ever bought a pair of shoes.

  • Melissa


    10 giorni fa

    Is there a FAQ with Karolina? Does she do all this for a complete hobby? Does she work in an industry that uses her knowledge? Did she get a degree in history/fashion?
    Also, love her hair, makeup and glasses in this video.

  • Maria Colls

    Maria Colls

    11 giorni fa

    The angle and shape of the first, third shoe was to me heavily influenced by 18th century French court.

  • Martha Sweeney

    Martha Sweeney

    11 giorni fa

    This is slightly unrelated but if you like stuff like this try watching Marvel's Agent Carted it is set after ww2 and is great

  • Sayre Wilkin-Dalby

    Sayre Wilkin-Dalby

    11 giorni fa

    They're probably too whimsical, but Irregular Choice has some gorgeous lines and shapes in their shoes, e.g. Nick of Time style shoe.

  • peter wall

    peter wall

    12 giorni fa

    Ever seen a teenage girl in faux combat boots? Usually partnered with a short dress or skirt! ! I don't get it , what's the appeal?

  • ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false

    ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false

    12 giorni fa

    These shoes sucks,
    These shoes rule,
    These shoes are 90 years old.
    These shoes are 90 years old.
    These shows are 90 FUCKING years old.

  • David-Elliot Salamanovich

    David-Elliot Salamanovich

    13 giorni fa

    Take a lock to Repetto dance shoes maker in France

  • Tammi M

    Tammi M

    14 giorni fa

    I've not a shoe person, never have been or understood how others could gush over them - but damn after this video I know I was wrong! I just wasn't looking in the right decade! These are beautiful!

  • Goddess Cassidi

    Goddess Cassidi

    14 giorni fa

    I want all my shoes to be 1930s now they really are perfect 👌🏻🤩

  • calicolyon


    15 giorni fa

    I have my grandmother's shoes. I was told they're 1940's inspired but made in the 70s.

  • Shirin Latapie

    Shirin Latapie

    17 giorni fa

    Check out Terry de'haviland

  • Pi Barrante

    Pi Barrante

    17 giorni fa

    I have red leather handmade boots! Kroop in Laurel Md, (she hand makes a vintage style shoe too! ) these were my 'go-to-chemo boots.. and saw me thru!

  • mayder 40

    mayder 40

    18 giorni fa

    “Ugly ass sneakers”. So true. She asks why we cannit have good shoes, sports wear? Add why no good songs anymore?

  • Anna Whittaker

    Anna Whittaker

    19 giorni fa

    I should be writing a paper on Marie Antoinette, but instead I'm watching this. She would approve.

  • Anna Whittaker

    Anna Whittaker

    19 giorni fa

    I would gladly give my birthright for any pair of these shoes.

  • Rachel W

    Rachel W

    20 giorni fa

    Those perfect HEELS 😍

  • Jakub Kopciński

    Jakub Kopciński

    20 giorni fa

    SŁEEEEEEEJD 😂 porada lektora 😌

  • LiebeAlle


    21 giorno fa

    Why is no one talking about how amazing you are? Because they should. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alana Nope

    Alana Nope

    21 giorno fa

    You didn't entirely have me... until the b o o t s

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    22 giorni fa

    11:07 For comparison, US$1.50 in 1937 would be a bit over $25 today. Still quite cheap?

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    22 giorni fa

    7:26 Your feet would be like Venus emerging from an oyster shell ...

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    22 giorni fa

    7:14 Art-deco wings! What other reason for existence do you need?!!?

  • Franciska Rickett

    Franciska Rickett

    22 giorni fa

    I think the heel shape is called spool heel

  • Franciska Rickett

    Franciska Rickett

    22 giorni fa

    They are my favorite style

  • dj diSi

    dj diSi

    23 giorni fa

    I agree, why does sportswear have to look so nasty

  • Cynthia Murphy

    Cynthia Murphy

    23 giorni fa

    I prefer the lower heeled things that tied, "gillies" (?) is what I think I'm referring to (not those name-brand things). Even those 30s oxford things that tie look less clunky than the saddle shoes we wore ages ago. I hate clunky heeled shoes. God knows I can't do much of a high heel anymore but I do like something a bit feminine. I actually saw a very pretty higher heeled thing in a thrift store that looked new - I figure it must have hurt like hell for her to give them to a thrift store, because I'm sure she paid a bit for those. I actually wear the old lady Easy Spirit Motion style tie shoes that I found in several colors, all but brand new in a thrift store, lol. You can walk anywhere in those babies. I'm big on walking.

  • CloudStarC2x


    24 giorni fa

    B.A.I.T Footwear is a brand that makes reproductions of shoe designs from 1930 to modern. they dont have many strictly 1930's options but a lot of their 40's shoe designs have the curvy shape from the 30's.

  • Søme One

    Søme One

    25 giorni fa

    Ohhh mahh goddd I thought I was the only one having a weird obsession with my great grandma’s shoes 😍

  • Helen Pack

    Helen Pack

    25 giorni fa

    What is the brand she mentions a couple of times? Rhino? I can't find them but interested to see. Can anyone enlighten me?

  • Rinara Collins

    Rinara Collins

    26 giorni fa

    So I bought a pair of shoes from GOODWILL for like 20$ usd and I have worn them for occasional special events for years.
    Apparently they were from the 50s and I have tiny feet :)

  • Tiffany Farmer

    Tiffany Farmer

    26 giorni fa

    Love this video! (Btw the front of the shoals is called the toe box) ❤️❤️

  • merlinja la grise

    merlinja la grise

    26 giorni fa

    I feel like I just looked into Helena Bonham Carters shoo collection.

  • Liusila


    27 giorni fa

    2:48 - the heel bending into the under the shoe will make you slip and break your head open. Don’t buy shoes like this!

  • Lezl0r Letztlich

    Lezl0r Letztlich

    27 giorni fa

    yes, best shoes!

  • Michele Craig

    Michele Craig

    27 giorni fa

    Just saying, maybe because all my older female relatives had deformed toes and bunions from living in these kind of shoes.

  • maria emilia

    maria emilia

    27 giorni fa

    Cześć Karolina, Could you recommend shoemakers in Poland?

  • Carol Williams

    Carol Williams

    28 giorni fa

    I agree! I used to play dress up with shoes like thi and i loved them.

  • Gabriella Lanza

    Gabriella Lanza

    28 giorni fa

    Those brown shoes though! Oh my gosh, those brown shoes!🤎

  • Sofie ost

    Sofie ost

    28 giorni fa

    If theres a company that make new shoes with the 1930s way please tell us

  • Bessie Mann

    Bessie Mann

    28 giorni fa

    Those shoes were made to last

  • Elo M

    Elo M

    29 giorni fa

    They’re ugly . If you want to look like a grandma sure

  • Faron Rich

    Faron Rich

    Mese fa

    All of my shoes look like they are from the 30s to the 50s. I hate the look of high heels especially because most people buy larger sizes and then stick their feet to the shoes. Nothing is more disgusting than seeing a 1/2 inch space between the heel and the shoe. Who are they trying to impress? Most of my heels are dance shoes with a regular sole.

  • Bruce Rakosnik

    Bruce Rakosnik

    Mese fa

    my wife wants to know what your shoe size is? her best friend was a sz 11(americian),so the hunt was always on.

  • T Karcher

    T Karcher

    Mese fa

    Shoe Porn

  • hotjazzbaby


    Mese fa

    The shoes back then were usually of such high quality that you could comfortably walk for miles - which people actually did - without getting sore feet.

  • Kat Mallow

    Kat Mallow

    Mese fa

    This is absolutely my favourite era for shoes, and I am constantly disappointed by not being able to find repro versions that are both good and affordable

  • Amie Kelly

    Amie Kelly

    Mese fa

    Actually have a pair that is in the style of 1930s. Got them on sale years ago. Favorite pumps ever. Gorgeous curves, beautiful style, the round toe, the heel that curves inwards! They are a dark navy with a white rim and a white buckle, semi shiny.

  • Jadeikens


    Mese fa

    Also I have a collection of 104 pairs of heels that have these curves, my husband told me to stop but I can’t

  • Jadeikens


    Mese fa

    I agree with your thoughts on this on a spiritual level

  • Cheryl Rumble

    Cheryl Rumble

    Mese fa

    You should check out “Irregular Choice” shoes. They have some extremely crazy styles which aren’t really vintage but they make shoes in a similar shape to 1930s shoes and you may find something you like 😊

  • Rebecca A

    Rebecca A

    Mese fa

    Royal vintage shoes makes real reproduction shoes.

  • Judy Hale

    Judy Hale

    Mese fa

    Just about any of these shoes would look so great and fashionable today!

  • sageinit


    Mese fa

    You should look into Argentinian Dancing Heels

  • Nathan Darr

    Nathan Darr

    Mese fa

    My favorite 1930s (like) shoe: Redwing Heritage Beckmans. Most famous: Ruby Slippers.

  • A W

    A W

    Mese fa

    Your glasses are amazing; where are they from?

  • dkb


    Mese fa

    Losing my mind over rhino shoes

  • Willybean08


    Mese fa

    No one:
    Karolina: *I'm simping for these shoes so hard*

  • vicky vale

    vicky vale

    Mese fa

    oooooh, yeah!!! amen, sister!

  • luisa taipe

    luisa taipe

    Mese fa

    your content is what I've waited for all my life

  • marshagreen


    Mese fa

    I have a pair of shoes in this style and I love them! They are so pretty and comfortable! I didn't know they were 1930s design. Thanks, now it may be easier to find more pairs.

  • marshagreen


    Mese fa

    When you have to stop and listen if "chefs kiss" is a new trendy word in polish or just meme English

  • MamaG


    Mese fa

    "For greater good" > lame, old, predictable, boring
    "For greater Glory" > new, powerful, appealing, fashionable

  • Kavi Weaver

    Kavi Weaver

    Mese fa

    Me: oh crap what's that fantastic period drama I've been watching...
    Me 10 seconds later: oh it's binging Karolina's videos...
    Proceeds to watch hours more

  • S. Elisabeth Ann

    S. Elisabeth Ann

    Mese fa

    Girl, I am right there with you. Gorgeous shoes :) *Marilla look at the puffs!*
    Those alligator pumps were indeed delicious looking. Loved all the pumps. Now I gotta go buy a pair; off to etsy & american duchess.
    You just helped me realize why I hate shoe shopping. The shoes nowadays do indeed leave much to be desired :) Thank you.

  • Sampaguita {SHEIROU}

    Sampaguita {SHEIROU}

    Mese fa

    OMG so true. Shoes now has ugly silhouette. Yes for old shoes when the craftsman still care enough to make it pretty.

  • mackinzi elizabeth

    mackinzi elizabeth

    Mese fa

    i think meme mom is sad that one of her era's has ended

  • lwordcrimes


    Mese fa

    well done, u've convinced me to buy a product that's not even for sale

  • M M

    M M

    Mese fa

    I own red (vegan) doc martens so it doesnt count as 30s shoes or quite as leather shoes but i feel you

  • heather wallace

    heather wallace

    Mese fa

    I'm kinda fascinated because they look *exactly* like old fashioned doll shoes. Not the barbie ones, but the not as good as barbie cheap ones.

  • Allison Hritz

    Allison Hritz

    Mese fa

    Question for my somewhat ignorant self- did the design aspect cease due to the second World War? I mean it doesn't make sense but it might be a theory??

  • Kaitlyn Rauch

    Kaitlyn Rauch

    Mese fa

    The thing about those pumps is they're actually designed to wear a for a full day. The curve distributes the weight across your foot. I still couldnt wear them though, I have a coordination disorder. But those low heels I'd kill for 😤👌

  • Enzo Rochelle Rizzolo

    Enzo Rochelle Rizzolo

    Mese fa

    eeeww NO

  • Rebeca Stanca

    Rebeca Stanca

    Mese fa

    I have a pair of my great-grandmother's brown suede sandals from the 30s and they are FANTASTIC. They're no longer wearable, but I did wear them a couple of times when I was younger. They have the perfect wooden heel, gorgeous leatherwork in a swirly pattern and they're the best shoe I've ever seen.

  • Jeremiah Gabriel

    Jeremiah Gabriel

    Mese fa

    Thank you for saying what you did about shoe silhouette. It set off a lightbulb in my head, and answered a question I've been trying to for myself for a very long time now: why/ what is it about modern clothes (1985-1995 and beyond) that makes it so much more difficult to figure out what a modern outfit is...vs say, 1780, or 1455?
    Silhouette I think is the answer.
    Not that I think it's a bad thing at all, that fashion is more free and people can wear things from whatever decade they want or even whatever century they want....
    Just the lack of it explains why it's so hard to differentiate some things from 2010 to 2020, whereas the difference between 1950 and 1960, or 1450 and 1460 would be much more clear.

  • Leila Jaafari

    Leila Jaafari

    Mese fa

    I am going to pronounce suede like swed now 😂 thank u karolina I love these shoes.

  • Kasandra Campbell

    Kasandra Campbell

    Mese fa

    If shoes were to make my feet look any smaller than they already are I'd be walking around on little tictac feet lol

  • Tammy T

    Tammy T

    Mese fa

    You can have my moccasins and soft soles shoes when you pry them off my cold dead feet... but I love your excitement.

  • Decor Chronicles

    Decor Chronicles

    Mese fa

    My great grandma left me a pair of her shoes 👠 I didn’t know what area they were from and I guess they are from 30s/40s. She knew I loved shoes, they are art 😻 they don’t fit me, but I love to look at them! They are stunning! Shoes are just not made the same!

  • LadyDanielle02


    Mese fa

    Yes! this is exactly the perfect era for shoes! I think I have the opposite issue to you...I have tiny feet so I'm not looking to make my feet look smaller, but they're just that magic style that also looks beautiful on small feet as well. Contrast that to those awful witch-toe points from the early 2000s, which were supposed to elongate your legs (according to What Not To Wear at the time anyway lol) but just made you look awful.

  • ValasaFantastic


    Mese fa

    Noted. I'm going to add this to my catalogue of inspirations for my art and world building. Beautiful footwear as options for Characters I paint and designs I make. I'll consider making a 1930's inspired painting of a woman ASAP. and defiantly include the footwear!

  • Lunathiel


    Mese fa

    Honestly, half of the video is a footage of me when I need to buy some new shoes and I'm wandering through the shops trying on different pairs while crying and whining things like "this heel has the wrong angle" or "why is the buckle not the same color as the zipper on this one?". I'm just furious nobody cares about the details, and that I can't buy online because of my narrow feet xD

  • Tiffany Shih

    Tiffany Shih

    Mese fa

    "Don't lower your expectations just because this is what some people serve you."
    That's some gold star life advice right there.

  • Andrea


    Mese fa

    Love, love, love these shoes and wear this style. You are correct about the optical illusion of making them look smaller. My feet look like they belong to a kid when wearing them!

  • chocolate milk

    chocolate milk

    Mese fa

    that is so true, cause ngl im only 5'5 with size 11.5 women/9.5 men US size and it looks so odd and ugly on me, so I look so odd in every shoe. kind wish it was 1930 D: LOL

  • Jordan Williams

    Jordan Williams

    Mese fa

    These shoes are ugly

  • nat


    Mese fa


  • M K

    M K

    Mese fa

    "The front part of the shoe" 🤔 the sole?
    I had no idea I needed to know about 30s shoes! 😍

  • A. J.

    A. J.

    Mese fa

    Me looking at my heels after seeing this video: "Pathetic."

  • Bilqis


    Mese fa

    yes omgggg no one talks about 1930s shoes and they're so sexy and pretty !!!!!!

  • Corinna Su

    Corinna Su

    Mese fa

    Its not the same but there were some very nice shoes in Asia, especially Japan, and I saw nice shoes in Paris as well

    • Corinna Su

      Corinna Su

      Mese fa

      In Asia, they also like to make your feet look smaller

  • Eddie Lane

    Eddie Lane

    Mese fa

    HARD agree!!

  • Sarah Ann Sanchez

    Sarah Ann Sanchez

    Mese fa

    I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned them, but you might like some of the shoes from B.A.I.T., based in California. They are an all-vegan vintage reproduction shoe company. I have a few pairs that are really cute abd pretty dang comfortable.

  • Artemis Amory

    Artemis Amory

    Mese fa

    checked out american duchess and they just put 40s shoes in the 30s section and edwardian shoes in the 20s section... disappointing!!