if people in the future talked about bras the way we talk about corsets

Pubblicato il 2 feb 2021
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Katie Clark

    Katie Clark

    13 minuti fa

    Your acting was great ... Dramatic but great

  • Katie Clark

    Katie Clark

    14 minuti fa

    I love this

  • karolina marie

    karolina marie

    5 ore fa

    I thought this was going to be so serious at first 😅

  • a guy from nz

    a guy from nz

    18 ore fa

    Bras were invented to choke woman

  • Naivet Moronta

    Naivet Moronta

    20 ore fa

    Leaving the good jokes aside ... most likely people in the future will seriously think that the Bra were like that...

  • Haleeq Izzkandar

    Haleeq Izzkandar

    Giorno fa

    bra moment

  • Debra Donaldson

    Debra Donaldson

    Giorno fa

    You are becoming hilarious and I’m here for it

  • Preußen


    Giorno fa

    I lost it at the fainting 😂😂😂😂👌

  • Nicole


    Giorno fa

    No but really it's the fact that some women have ill-firing undergarments but that's seldom considered, also I wonder if bra wearing will become obsolete and if anything would replace it

  • Elle O' Brienn

    Elle O' Brienn

    Giorno fa

    I Invited A New Term For A Bra... I Call It A T. H. And T. H. Means A Tit Harness! And That's Exactly What A Bra Is!!!

  • Ela Celik

    Ela Celik

    Giorno fa

    this is me after 10 months of lockdown

  • mariasja1234


    2 giorni fa

    We should burn them. Why not?

  • Julia Hopek

    Julia Hopek

    2 giorni fa

    this is golden

  • Brumby Bailey

    Brumby Bailey

    3 giorni fa

    🤣 the day I decide not to wear a bra... I'm such a visionary

  • CATS EYE the Psycho

    CATS EYE the Psycho

    3 giorni fa

    Isn’t bra history just Fashion History?

  • Taiyaba Zaheer

    Taiyaba Zaheer

    3 giorni fa

    Can't believe in 2021, there are *women* who literally support corsets! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Like dude, they're extremely misogynist. Little girls' waist were tied into these imprisoning so called historical 'underweae' just so that they would have a 'tiny' waist. Just because it was patriarchal society and In a partiarchal society a woman's worth depends on her desirability to men, they all had to have the 'hourglass' figure which men find most attractive. It caused asphyxiation, reduced blood circulation and bone deformities as concluded not by men but by doctors. It's unfortunate that in those times, women couldn't be doctors and hence when male doctors deemed them 'unhealthy',blame fell on men.
    Also, bras have an entirely different purpose. Women wear bras to give themselves support while they go about their lives.

  • KELLY PotterHead

    KELLY PotterHead

    4 giorni fa

    omg I'm dead 😂💀💀💀

  • Crystal Mary

    Crystal Mary

    4 giorni fa

    You mean these aren't bra facts??

  • Chat Noir

    Chat Noir

    5 giorni fa

    I just wanna know why it’s in black and white 💀

  • 90sDRgirl


    5 giorni fa

    I'm guessing she watched the "Total History" Video about the corset XD XD lmao
    But no joke I hate bras all my bras don't have wires

  • Living_Like_Larry


    6 giorni fa

    Dude I once had a bra where the seams eventually wore out and the underwire came out and pressed itself into my sternum area

  • ohifonlyx33


    6 giorni fa

    Someone tweet this at Emma right now. You know which one.

  • Frederic Le Pinnet

    Frederic Le Pinnet

    6 giorni fa

    This should be in the hidden killers of the lock down home

  • Claire Wilson

    Claire Wilson

    6 giorni fa

    I feel more bad for our descendants if anything. 😂😂

  • Ronnie Cheshire

    Ronnie Cheshire

    6 giorni fa

    But underwired bras are uncomfortable and not really that healthy, plenty of women I know started wearing sports bras or bralettes since the pandemic started. And I don't understand that whole corset apologism, if corsets were *so* comfortable why did women stopped wearing them when bras were invented? Even if they weren't tight laced I can't imagine them not being movement restricting, at least to some extent. And what about these medical drawings and X-rays showing deformations caused by corsets? They wouldn't exist if these weren't real problems. I get that you all might like wearing vintage fashion, but being that dead set on defending corsets seems weird. Like, you don't need to pretend they are comfortable to make costumes if you like the aesthetic.

  • Sakurako


    7 giorni fa

    Thinks me think of how much misinformation there could have been

  • Leah Warrington

    Leah Warrington

    7 giorni fa

    I hate bras and don't wear them, but they help a lot of women. I'm also a B cup so. Yeah.

  • MsLilly200


    7 giorni fa

    Fresh Out Of Quaranine (2115)
    The scene opens with our Protagonist getting dressed for the first time in months, with the help of her mother and older sister. Finally it's time to rejoin the world.
    "Harder! Pull Harder!" The mother cries, holding her youngest daughter still.
    "I'm trying!" The sister groans, panting with the effort. "If you want your bae lookin thirsty you better breathe out!"
    And finally with the sound of a loud exhale, the last hook of the bra is closed shut. Already, red marks are forming on our Protagonists delicate skin.
    "Cool, cool. You look on point gurl, I am shook!" The mother says happily, finally letting our Protagonist go. "Now. Time for the skinny jeans!"

  • RS Tomar

    RS Tomar

    7 giorni fa

    Lmao how did you keep a straight face



    8 giorni fa

    0:08 new career choice - Bra historian

  • starstrukk723


    8 giorni fa

    This is so historically inaccurate 🙄


  • Alexis


    8 giorni fa

    Ok but as someone with a large rib cage but tiny boobs, bras are indeed kind of uncomfortable

  • Te Rez

    Te Rez

    8 giorni fa

    But... this is how I feel about bras. Hate them so much on myself.

  • WackyMushrooms


    8 giorni fa

    *Me when I'm playing on my DS at 3am and my mom walks into the room:* 2:34

  • Mari Christian

    Mari Christian

    8 giorni fa

    I haven't worn a bra for 30 years and it feels like freedom. I don't wear skin-tight tops, so it's not noticeable.I'd like to hear from a man who feels obliged to wear an underwire bra, all day 7 days a week. Torture!

  • Navya Bhatia-10F-12

    Navya Bhatia-10F-12

    8 giorni fa

    2:32 I lost it when she fell on the bed 😂

  • Mariia Redchuk

    Mariia Redchuk

    8 giorni fa

    Loved the video! I think you should make a Patreon!

  • Christa VerDuren

    Christa VerDuren

    8 giorni fa

    I got shingles twice in my early 40s (2 years apart) I never got the awful rash, nope. I got nerve damage instead lol (I live by Murphy's Laws) I realized after the second time that the back of the bra was making my skin hurt almost like a burn. Took me a few months to figure out and put it together. No bra, no burning. Now No bra at all. I'm 50, married 26 years.
    Yeah, my wibbly wobbly boobs are, erm, ick to look at (don't judge me lol) but who is really going to be checking me out AND I really don't care! One day every woman will have an attack of timey wimey gravity hit her, we just deal with it.

  • Mystic Dream

    Mystic Dream

    9 giorni fa

    Lmao i find bras annoying but it also hurts whenever i walk around without them for too long

  • Crochet Elephant

    Crochet Elephant

    9 giorni fa

    “I just checked my blood pressure, not looking good”

  • Amy Turner

    Amy Turner

    9 giorni fa

    Mentions sores from bra straps
    *Remembers that one time I carried people on my shoulders for an hour and woke up the next morning with chafing and red marks where my bra straps pushed into my shoulders*

  • ethan dodd

    ethan dodd

    9 giorni fa

    the year is 2140. people just wear bedsheets. when it gets cold outside people just dont go outside to do anything.

  • Julia Last Name

    Julia Last Name

    9 giorni fa

    girl literally pick a struggle

  • Alex Womble

    Alex Womble

    9 giorni fa

    This is funny because I can actually wear corsets, but the underwire of bras will dig into my ribs and actually cause severe pain. And I'm a big-chested girl, too, so lol

  • Pastel Pixels

    Pastel Pixels

    9 giorni fa

    I talked about a corset for my scoliosis with a friend and she literally said 'sexy!'. No it's not... Look it up. It's the opposite.

  • adymlv


    9 giorni fa

    I mean, I have exactly one bra that isn't giving me super painful flesh wounds, sooo. Yeah.

  • Claudia Chadwick

    Claudia Chadwick

    9 giorni fa

    Not me getting a savagexfenty ad before this lmao

  • hyah


    9 giorni fa

    I clicked this video and immediately got an add for corsets

  • Almie Cheese Queen

    Almie Cheese Queen

    9 giorni fa

    ok, im dumb, but is this video joking about how people make corsets seem worse than they actually were? or about how bras are more dangereous than people make them out to be?

  • idk


    9 giorni fa

    anyone watching in 2108

  • Hannah Dudley

    Hannah Dudley

    10 giorni fa

    I'm starting to think I would rather wear a corset than a bra... js

  • vanessa bitar

    vanessa bitar

    10 giorni fa

    Ok this but ironically

    • vanessa bitar

      vanessa bitar

      10 giorni fa

      I actually have never wear a bra that doesn't hurt me, and yes I know I don't know my size and that I should invest in good quality bras but I went the other direction and just don't wear the anymore

  • equus quagga quagga

    equus quagga quagga

    10 giorni fa

    Don't spoil "The Handmaid's Tale" like this😑

  • Kamil Em.

    Kamil Em.

    11 giorni fa


  • mago 3d

    mago 3d

    11 giorni fa


  • F LozanoLond1995

    F LozanoLond1995

    11 giorni fa

    Why are you so against on people complaining about corsets and how restrictive they can be, when you have worn it yourself for a day and see how unconfortable they can be?

  • Jay B

    Jay B

    12 giorni fa

    *trans guys and masc nonbinary people who wear binders have left the chat*

  • Livvy


    12 giorni fa

    Ngl this is me when I tried wearing a normal bra bc I have really tense shoulders, so pressure there hurts, I have scoliosis, so bras don't ever fit well and for some reason I'm super sensitive to touch and thus any clothing item that doesn't fit perfectly😂
    I just wear sports bras and bustiers

  • Bradley Lake

    Bradley Lake

    12 giorni fa

    Worth the subscription, count me in Karolina Z.

  • Sophie Weiner

    Sophie Weiner

    12 giorni fa

    this but unironically

  • Pineapple Girl

    Pineapple Girl

    12 giorni fa

    If I had to choose between corset and bra, I'd actually take the corset. I find it more comfortable. Who's with me? :D



    12 giorni fa

    The fact that I’m literally watching this and my bra is annoying so I’m gonna take it off 😂😂

  • Darrah Jones-Reddy

    Darrah Jones-Reddy

    13 giorni fa

    Does anyone else feel like this is a dramatic representation of them starting to wear bras again after lock down 🤣🤣 No just me?

  • Mary B C

    Mary B C

    13 giorni fa

    in the future: They thought all that weight could be supported by straps over the shoulders.

  • Kate Templeton

    Kate Templeton

    13 giorni fa

    It never occurred to me how much corsets have been demonized in movies. I vividly remember the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean when Kira Knightley's character has such tight corset on that she faints and falls into the sea. Ridiculousness

  • MissMargaret


    13 giorni fa

    “Straps strangling you every day” 🤭

  • peachyevren


    13 giorni fa

    I mean i don't wear bras because they're uncomfortable for me but i know that for a lot of people avec boobs they help prevent back pain or make them feel more comfortable etc so that's good

  • Tassiane Ribeiro

    Tassiane Ribeiro

    13 giorni fa

    buzzfeed in 2050

  • Nicole Ying

    Nicole Ying

    13 giorni fa

    i can already see the hashtag #freetheboob trending in the future

  • ehhh yao

    ehhh yao

    13 giorni fa

    czy to amourette stanik z triumpha

  • TheBusyJane


    14 giorni fa

    For this to be truly authentic it must be a mega push-up bra at least one full size too small.

  • Jaime Zuniga

    Jaime Zuniga

    14 giorni fa

    this is so funny im sorry

  • TheInsolent_Alexa H

    TheInsolent_Alexa H

    14 giorni fa

    Karens talking about masks:

  • KenzieHurlock


    14 giorni fa

    This is the way most people see corsets sadly. Not true at all.

  • Puffwudgie Princess

    Puffwudgie Princess

    14 giorni fa

    Why is this so accurate? 😩 (Although there ARE bras that are actually comfortable, the struggle is just finding one that fits)

    • Puffwudgie Princess

      Puffwudgie Princess

      14 giorni fa

      But sports bras will forever be uncomfortable

  • aurablue


    14 giorni fa

    this but unironically

  • ur playlist

    ur playlist

    14 giorni fa

    ok but ngl this is how i acted when i had to wear a bra for the first time when i went out during the pandemic my mom even thought that i seriously had some breathing issues when in reality i just didn't want to wear a bra😭🤚

  • Josefína Svobodová

    Josefína Svobodová

    14 giorni fa

    Totally unrelated but I have the same Christmas pillow case (I think it’s from IKEA from the 90s) and I love it so much so I’m glad someone else is also enjoying it ❤️

    • Karolina Żebrowska

      Karolina Żebrowska

      14 giorni fa

      aww really? I got it second hand at a charity shop, had no idea it’s Ikea! It’s so cute! ❤️

  • TheGay Artist

    TheGay Artist

    15 giorni fa

    Lmao when she was fainting is legit me when I realize I done fucked up a painting or like a drawing

  • Melaiah Hearn

    Melaiah Hearn

    15 giorni fa

    This is literally how I act when I put on a bra

  • Misz


    15 giorni fa

    This was a masterpiece

  • Maria Rosa

    Maria Rosa

    15 giorni fa

    I know this is satire, but especially for people with large breasts, bras can cause a lot of damage!

  • Syllence


    15 giorni fa

    Imagine if guys talked like this about underwear

  • Caroll Yna

    Caroll Yna

    15 giorni fa

    We, people of technology are soooo stupid! We are wearing bra over naked body while corsets had to have undergarments! Ewwww!

  • SinisterMonki


    15 giorni fa


  • peter wall

    peter wall

    15 giorni fa

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sold! Money... after they lift the lock down and can recoup my loses , we'll see.

  • GreenSaladWoman


    15 giorni fa

    Ironically there’s a bra add before this gem. They know.

  • Headache Chronicles

    Headache Chronicles

    15 giorni fa

    Honestly, despite this being satire, this has only served to further my already massive hatred of bras.
    Give me all the corsets.

  • Sarah Wagner

    Sarah Wagner

    15 giorni fa

    "bras were invented in 1984"

  • Lilah Capp

    Lilah Capp

    15 giorni fa

    ok but bras are pretty uncomfortable though ngl

  • Random Notimportant

    Random Notimportant

    15 giorni fa

    To be fair, bras sometimes really do feel like torture devices.

  • May Downing

    May Downing

    15 giorni fa

    See the funny thing is i want stays because bras are kind of painful for me because of the thin strap (i have really sensitive ribs and sensory issues), a corset's/stays even distribution of pressure would be very comfy

  • Widya Noorsasi

    Widya Noorsasi

    15 giorni fa

    I don't like wearing bra because it absorb so much sweat and make my under bust itchy, "luckily" i'm a fat woman with arms and stomach big enough to distract everyone from the fact I don't wear bra.

  • Ninnisha


    16 giorni fa

    The sad part about this is that this is almost how I really feel about bras. xD

  • Nikki Schumacher Official

    Nikki Schumacher Official

    16 giorni fa

    I pretty much feel this way about bras tho 😂 There has got to be a better solution.

  • Marcellus Jason

    Marcellus Jason

    16 giorni fa

    So are corsets not that bad or this whole thing is a tech joke? I really dont know bout these stuff

    • Morwenna Nathalie

      Morwenna Nathalie

      12 giorni fa

      I’m no corset expert but from my understanding they really weren’t. They did alter your shape depending on the style at the time and were varying levels of uncomfortable but that goes for bras too. Mostly they were for support and weren’t nearly as restrictive (or tight!) as movies make them out to be. Tight lacing (tiny waists where you can barely breathe) is something that was shocking even when corsets were the norm.



    16 giorni fa

    Find solution.

  • Bethany Zwag

    Bethany Zwag

    16 giorni fa

    Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

  • Claudia _

    Claudia _

    16 giorni fa

    I don't wear bra at home, lmao

  • shyorells


    16 giorni fa

    Cant wait for movies in a thousand years to act like bras stabbed women's hearts daily