adventures of a dissatisfied Victorian time traveller

Pubblicato il 21 ago 2020
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • tarannum akhtar

    tarannum akhtar

    2 giorni fa

    Hold on! Your attire looks so much alike to the women in Sophie Hatter's shop from Howl's Moving Castle.

  • Enigma Song

    Enigma Song

    4 giorni fa

    i need this but with time travellers of every era every station in life every culture every region

  • Slavic Union

    Slavic Union

    6 giorni fa

    This is gold

  • Max Deyes

    Max Deyes

    6 giorni fa

    That was......funny?

    • ミlia_berryミ


      6 giorni fa

      u don't know anything about Victorian era lolololol

  • DJB3lfry


    6 giorni fa

    0:02 Holy shit that was actually hilarious.
    I absolutely want to see a full on doctor who-esque show where the time travelers just *blip* into existence without any fanfare or anything.
    Just, "Oh, I'm here now."

  • Dagny Taggart

    Dagny Taggart

    8 giorni fa

    Nobody from Victorian times said "super mainstream" or "the thrill is super gone". But I'm please every other word wasn't "like", as if she just popped in from present day California.

  • Dual Fox

    Dual Fox

    9 giorni fa

    Ok but this actually made me think of all the things we've lost... pure clear water, clear air, good street vendors with good products are decreasing also. Everything is being put on the internet and we're gradually losing our social nature step by step... Maybe we should take a step back, at least in some things.

  • Codi Serville

    Codi Serville

    9 giorni fa

    Not a bad premise

  • Rafael Gomes

    Rafael Gomes

    10 giorni fa

    why would a victorian woman have a polish-american accent?

  • Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez

    10 giorni fa

    Do you have an onlyfans?

  • Varian


    13 giorni fa

    I have been watching you for a while
    And I just realized that I haven’t subscribed yet

    I’m sorry
    Here I just subscribed

  • Varian


    13 giorni fa

    This seems like something Micarah Tewers would do

  • Dante


    13 giorni fa

    That smells really bad?? In the Victorian Era, the whole court was like a pigsty and “water goes” a common act in any street or house

  • DarkShadowsX5


    16 giorni fa

    i think her disastrous clothing choice is more disappointing than 2020.
    whats more disastrous is my internet connection speed. like come on its 2021 why do i have to wait 5 minutes for a 1 minute 46s video to buffer.... in 480p

  • Brian Conlan

    Brian Conlan

    17 giorni fa

    Such a cleaver idea and very well executed.

  • Perseus


    17 giorni fa

    *where do you guys get your shrimps*

  • Henryk Keszenowicz

    Henryk Keszenowicz

    17 giorni fa

    It is disappointing. All people should fly on private balloons or travel via buses which look like flying fish. And the internet is stupid, steampunk mecha-pigeons would be way cooler. And if you still want that remote instant connection, just use telegraph, duh!

  • amjan


    18 giorni fa

    Terminator: Sent from the future to kill.
    Karolina: Sent from the past to complain.

    • Messes with Matt!

      Messes with Matt!

      10 giorni fa

      Best comment.

  • amjan


    18 giorni fa

    2020 person: We have the plague!!
    Karolina: Where are the dead corpses then? You know shit about plagues.

  • Smallstudio Design

    Smallstudio Design

    18 giorni fa

    Meh ... 👎🏼

  • Wesly Z

    Wesly Z

    18 giorni fa

    Considering victorian England dumpped their shit into the river...
    No. It does not, in fact, smell worse.

  • flaetsbnort


    20 giorni fa

    "Yeah, I was cycling when it was cool. It was considered a danger to society. Now it's gone all mainstream"

  • Annie Stacie

    Annie Stacie

    20 giorni fa

    These vids are great.

  • Henna Khan

    Henna Khan

    21 giorno fa

    You should have showed her the bathroom at least, that would have made her conflicted.

  • Ammo S

    Ammo S

    21 giorno fa

    Does anyone know what city this is? I have a strange feeling of having been there...

  • Axton Lennox

    Axton Lennox

    21 giorno fa

    I see what you did in the description very funny

  • Jeremy


    22 giorni fa

    If it makes her feel better : British Queens are still gifted with peak human longevity.

  • Sir.Gey


    22 giorni fa

    What's the point of watching if I could not hear anything

  • Massage Adventurist

    Massage Adventurist

    22 giorni fa

    You are awesome.

  • Nestmind


    22 giorni fa

    To be fair...the world is changed in extreme ways in the last...200 years?
    It's absurd how so "little" time can changrle this much the world

  • Corona-sama・コロナ様


    22 giorni fa


  • Duckling Chief

    Duckling Chief

    23 giorni fa

    Britan isn't number 1?
    Yeah that's disappointing



    23 giorni fa

    The name of the song at the end, please!

  • SShemp86


    23 giorni fa

    I love it!

  • Amanda Newman

    Amanda Newman

    23 giorni fa

    Wait...are there more of these? Can their be more of these? This was amazing lol

  • tombocai


    24 giorni fa

    You're outfit is so beautiful ❤

  • Dejawolfs


    24 giorni fa

    hmm, but would a victorian like, talk like.. you know. more confidence! more arrogance!

  • Demetri Petrenko

    Demetri Petrenko

    24 giorni fa

    I was gonna make a womens rights joke, but then realized she's from Victorian era :/ the march didnt happen until WW1 i believe

  • Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

    Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

    24 giorni fa

    To be honest gothic, Victorian architecture was pretty cool

  • Frank Garrett

    Frank Garrett

    25 giorni fa

    Wait. You guys hide from a virus!?

  • kaizawa mufuyu

    kaizawa mufuyu

    25 giorni fa

    Look accurate

  • Nef


    25 giorni fa

    I feel sorry for her.

  • micolino


    25 giorni fa

    I need more off this sassy lady just reacting to modern things in total confusion over why and what is going on

  • Hetaluna


    26 giorni fa

    Shut up you have rights now

  • Ravikant Chaubey

    Ravikant Chaubey

    26 giorni fa

    The people who made the video don't have any real idea what it really was in the empire time

  • Coffee Bean

    Coffee Bean

    26 giorni fa

    "You got some water?
    Tastes like air."



    26 giorni fa

    "Smells pretty bad"
    Compared to what? The river Thames?

  • le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins

    le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins

    26 giorni fa

    female cherdlys

  • tomshrader


    27 giorni fa

    It's kind of weird to see the place I used to go to for a walk on Youtube.

  • Inovis _HD

    Inovis _HD

    27 giorni fa

    this is a masterpiece

  • Commander LJ

    Commander LJ

    27 giorni fa

    What people expect Victorians to be like if they time-traveled: “Wow! This is incredible! It’s so advanced!”
    How Victorians would _actually_ react:

  • Andrea


    27 giorni fa

    I'm sure most things weren't any peachier even back then, but "This is the architecture you came up with?" is something I can deeply associate with...

  • M Guadalupe Marcano B

    M Guadalupe Marcano B

    27 giorni fa

    She's myself every time i remember that i live in Venezuela and comparing it with the Venezuela from 90's because the actual one is disappointing.

  • Cristi Neagu

    Cristi Neagu

    27 giorni fa

    1:10 You forgot to add: "Wait... you people smile in photos? Weeeeeiiiirrrrdddd......"

  • Bishop Bling

    Bishop Bling

    27 giorni fa

    Going back? Well have fun with polio & being treated as a 2nd class citizen then.

  • Phil


    27 giorni fa

    I love how she just spawns out of nowhere like in minecraft xD

  • Glorious Phantom

    Glorious Phantom

    27 giorni fa

    No no she’s right about the architecture. We need to bring back Victorian, gothic, and other older styles instead on “mmmm see it looks like I pored mercury into a zero grab chamber and the bubbles are now the building” or “It’s all glass. It’s just a bunch of glass at weird different angles. Where the door? I don’t know, find it.”

  • Go away Don’t talk to me

    Go away Don’t talk to me

    27 giorni fa

    Just judgmentally staring at everything

  • Henrique Montalvão

    Henrique Montalvão

    27 giorni fa

    Wait until she finds out about ww1, ww2, lgbt issues, Israel vs. Palestine and much more

  • John Rollex

    John Rollex

    27 giorni fa

    What a Karen.

  • #WatermelonSavage


    27 giorni fa

    Take her to the dentist, then she'll actually be impressed!

  • Bree


    27 giorni fa

    i would love to see a part 2

  • Soumya Naskar

    Soumya Naskar

    27 giorni fa

    Me, thirty years from now, traveling back in time: What year is this?
    - 2020
    - sh*t!

  • Danelson


    27 giorni fa

    She looks like James Charles and a 1980 doll at the same time

  • Operator 801

    Operator 801

    27 giorni fa

    This is my Gramma, whenever we'd get her out of the house.

  • ٰ ٰ

    ٰ ٰ

    28 giorni fa

    alternative title : weird lady in a weird dress roasting everyone in a weird way

  • Camryn Charles James

    Camryn Charles James

    28 giorni fa


  • racoon killer 7

    racoon killer 7

    28 giorni fa

    At least the water doesnt taste like glass and piss lol

  • Jan Mitka

    Jan Mitka

    28 giorni fa

    i like the fact that i live just around the corner :D

  • EnLaMatrix1


    28 giorni fa

    **Moment before**
    "Miss we don't have enough for the jump back home"
    "We have to try"
    **Ends up in 2020-2021**
    "You know, the giant man eating tarantulas with human baby heads don't seem that bad anymore"

  • lincolnlobster


    28 giorni fa

    Mary Poppins Returns

  • Jackery


    28 giorni fa

    Of all people, it had to be a Victorian Karen

  • Paul Staker

    Paul Staker

    28 giorni fa

    we need a zebrowska x constnar collab

  • Ogaitnas900


    28 giorni fa

    "Cycling was thrilling when people bullied you for it but now it's super mainstream" hahaha that applies to the 90s and today, at least in my country 😄

  • Vanessa Van Downen

    Vanessa Van Downen

    28 giorni fa

    God that dress is *chefs kiss*

  • scribbles


    28 giorni fa

    oh to be dressed as a victorian woman and wandering the streets for 45 minutes

  • Michael Vogels

    Michael Vogels

    28 giorni fa

    This video (especially the hand washing part) has big time gus johnson energy.
    Your channel is blowing up for sure

  • Smart& Flint

    Smart& Flint

    28 giorni fa

    *And then, there is my Victorian girl OC who is supposed to be a polite lady but who preferred to slap multiple times her friends with no reason and who yell at everyone because she is angry everytime and who would actually really like our century, except she would yell at conductors in cars.*

  • txr


    28 giorni fa

    This was kinda _BASED_

  • Mr. Powell

    Mr. Powell

    28 giorni fa

    Nowadays whistling "Over the hills and far away" will get you thrown into the Progressive Re-Education Gulags for thoughtcrime

  • mabi mabi

    mabi mabi

    28 giorni fa

    One day I want to jog and see a very confused victorian age lady

  • Lamencholiс


    29 giorni fa

    — "I've seen enough. I'm going back."

  • Zc says

    Zc says

    29 giorni fa

    𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚝𝚞𝚙𝚒𝚍

  • Lee Bradshaw

    Lee Bradshaw

    29 giorni fa

    Rivers in Victorian cities were used as sewers. She would not expect to wash her hands in it.

  • Sindre Herstad

    Sindre Herstad

    29 giorni fa

    At least there isnt horse poo all over the streats

  • The Sit-Down Stand-Up Misanthrope

    The Sit-Down Stand-Up Misanthrope

    29 giorni fa

    Karolina, please be mine!

  • misium


    29 giorni fa

    I wouldn't drink from or wash in rivers in (or downstream of) victorian time big cities. Unless I wanted a painful death of dysentery and cholera.

  • Estheim ASMR

    Estheim ASMR

    29 giorni fa

    My parents whenever I end up making dinner: 0:09



    29 giorni fa

    air smelled much much worse back then

  • Petar Knezović

    Petar Knezović

    29 giorni fa

    "What do you mean I can't take cocaine for my headache?"

  • snickle1980


    29 giorni fa


  • ChildofIvy


    29 giorni fa

    Victorian air probably would've smelled worse....

  • Edwin Rydberg

    Edwin Rydberg

    29 giorni fa

    Fun. It would have been interesting to have more realistic Victorian speech. The 'super' and 'like' took me from the immersion. Also, both the air and water are much cleaner now than they were in Victorian England. But I do love the comments on the manner of dressing and hairstyles.

  • Yuri


    Mese fa

    She got Giorno's hair 😳

  • It'sLiv


    Mese fa

    I miss Poland every time I watch this video :( greetings from the Netherlands

  • Marty theMartian

    Marty theMartian

    Mese fa

    I was with her until she used the word Mainstream ;)
    Not exactly a word in mainstream use back in Victorian times.

  • Tommaso Astaldi

    Tommaso Astaldi

    Mese fa


  • bij Ghost

    bij Ghost

    Mese fa

    Mood XD

  • Marc Vegas15

    Marc Vegas15

    Mese fa

    Don't you hate it when you time travel into the future and you see women exposing their ankles? Do they not realize how erotic that is?

  • Feather The Aveon

    Feather The Aveon

    Mese fa

    This is such a mood