curb your corset stereotypes

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2020
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every time I see another "they broke ribs and crushed lungs" rant on the internet I will make a corset video and I'm not even sorry
also a huge thanks to my Instagram followers for helping me out with the pictures!
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Karolina Żebrowska

    Karolina Żebrowska

    4 mesi fa

    just to clarify - no hate to the actresses, their experiences are valid - the question is though, why do their corsets feel like this and what could be done to avoid horror stories like these in the future?

    • Jakob Berg

      Jakob Berg

      Giorno fa

      @emma herondale hope you’re not replying to me.

    • emma herondale

      emma herondale

      Giorno fa

      Having a properly fitted and properly made corset will stop this issue actor's have. Wearing a corset should not restrict you, it should enhance your natural assets. Also much like a pair of new shoes, corsets must be 'broken in' as it is referred to, by the person who will be wearing it. This ensures your body is comfortable with the corset and it is not such a massive shock when you put it on and then have to wear it for hours on end.

    • Jakob Berg

      Jakob Berg

      6 giorni fa

      @Anton De la Cruz I’m not going to argue with you because you honestly sound ridiculous. Yes, when talking about nazi accomplishments, you definitely need to mention that nazis are evil. Highly relevant. And this is not a discussion. I’m right, you’re not.

    • Anton De la Cruz

      Anton De la Cruz

      6 giorni fa

      @Jakob Berg no sir. The organs and the choice are not necessarily related. As i said, it depends on the perspective being discussed. If for example we talk about the autobahn, fanta, and the amazing recovery of post ww1 germany, we dont need to add a caveat such as 'but still, nazis were evil' all the time because it is not necessarily relevant.

    • Jakob Berg

      Jakob Berg

      6 giorni fa

      @Anton De la Cruz Okay, and I get that. But you can point out that corsets won’t shift your organs and still point out that the woman likely didn’t have a choice. There’s definitely a brushing off of that fact, regularly by fans of corsets.

  • Toyn Gracia

    Toyn Gracia

    Ora fa

    I'm 5' 11" and I've worn corset. Less uncomfortable than most shoes after a week

  • Caitlyn Cameron

    Caitlyn Cameron

    9 ore fa

    Just because there’s old pictures of women doing stuff in corsets doesn’t mean they were enjoying themselves. Bet it fucking sucked, and they just had to smile through the pain

  • Basmala Alkhalaf

    Basmala Alkhalaf

    15 ore fa

    i think my favourite thing about this video is that it doesn't perfect-ify women in history. the images you showed made them look and feel real and human, and i love when there are photos like that. my favourites were the ones with the fencing, boxing and just women doing sport. i adore when we portray the past in a realistic manner.

  • Muhamad Syahmi

    Muhamad Syahmi

    18 ore fa

    That is the differences of different era...
    The past era was build tougher...
    The present have low resistance...

  • Xander ledger

    Xander ledger

    22 ore fa

    I fight.
    I wear corsets.
    Sometimes I fight in corsets.
    A good corset should hardly limit your ability to move.

  • Sassy The Sasquatch

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    22 ore fa

    I think an actual fashion historian actually said "if the corset is painful or restricting your breathing your wearing it wrong"

  • Hidin' Again

    Hidin' Again

    Giorno fa

    Putting the argument aside its really cool seeing the fun photographs of victorian ladies having fun on mountains and clifftops and sporting and generally not giving a damn.

  • Samuli Moisio

    Samuli Moisio

    Giorno fa

    Damn i had to lower the volume cause of that one woman

  • Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet

    Just a random Soviet officer with good Internet

    2 giorni fa

    I guess women back then were much stronger and less whiny than these 21st century snowflakes we have.

  • Róża


    3 giorni fa

    plsss can you do a video about costumes in "the queens gambit"

  • Piux Almario

    Piux Almario

    3 giorni fa

    Mom walks in: Hello de-
    The video: 0:10
    Mom: Uh.. di-dinner's ready

  • Pygmy Puff

    Pygmy Puff

    3 giorni fa

    To be fair, the one on Elizabeth didn't fit her, so that's why she passed out.

  • Abhishek Patwa

    Abhishek Patwa

    3 giorni fa

    Can't wear a corset for shoots, the queen of England looted India and Africa in a corset

  • Macro


    3 giorni fa

    Oh fuck I just wanted memes, why am I on the conservative side of YouTube? 🤢 🤮

  • Vishal S

    Vishal S

    3 giorni fa

    I don't understand

  • Deep


    4 giorni fa

    They put corsets on women from teenage or younger so the kinda grew into the corsets shape, just like china liked small feet so they they made girls wear small restrictive shoes which disfigured there feet

  • Deep


    4 giorni fa

    I havs seen an article showing highly disfigured anatomy of Victorian women to a point where there intestines are pushed into the waist area, and it was common for them to have digestive issues

  • Rn Spurgn

    Rn Spurgn

    4 giorni fa

    Almost like clothing was designed for humans to move in....

  • Beth Hunt

    Beth Hunt

    4 giorni fa

    Okay, basically, if they are not comfortable, I would say listen to your body. But this is getting ridiculous. Corsets are not meant to
    asphyxiate you but to SUPPORT you. That's what bras do. Some bras hurt you too because they are NOT FITTED properly. That's the only reason. I am a girl and this stupid feminist crap is way too overboard.
    Though I would say that fitting a 17-inch corset over a naturally thin waisted woman (the 2015 Cinderella actress) is bad because she didn't need to wear that. She could have worn a corset that supported her body dimensions. But that's the only problem I have.
    Emma Watson doesn't have a very large waist anyways, maybe 22-23 inches? She could easily have worn a fitted corset and gotten a better gown

  • Dnomyar


    5 giorni fa

    The actors had to wear a corset dor only their performances, women in the past would wear it almost everyday of their lives. Next time is gonna be about how small shows didn't actually cause women's feet to not form properly.

  • realliferascal V

    realliferascal V

    5 giorni fa

    You must really like corsets

  • Emily


    5 giorni fa

    It strikes me that these actresses are not whiny complainers over exaggerating how uncomfortable it is to wear a corset, but rather the people putting them in the costumes have no idea how to safely fit a corset and probably laced them way too tight or something. I'm not a corset expert by any means but if they couldn't even sit down, clearly something was wrong 😅

  • Mohegan The last one

    Mohegan The last one

    5 giorni fa

    Hollywood actors can really act wow... Yawn

  • Kamsiyochukwu maduabum

    Kamsiyochukwu maduabum

    6 giorni fa

    0:58 is that eloise from bridgerton?

  • SilverAukahzy


    7 giorni fa

    This video is shit and ya'll are ignorant. Did it ever ocurr to you that these women had to wear the corsets for a few hrs, whereas women in the past wore them for YEARS. Meaning they were groomed from a young age and were well used to them by now. History does not lie, and corsets of MANY types were created, and yes, some of them were harmful, some of them weren't so much. They're the whole reason fainting couches were invented. Like...because a couple of photoes show women in corsets moving you have to discredit all the other women who complain?

  • mac kay

    mac kay

    7 giorni fa

    Back then in Titanic I had the feeling that the mother was annoyed and tied it up on purpose, so to speak, as a "punishment" and not because you had to tighten it that way. Which is really bad, but the lady wasn't nice anyway.
    I think most actresses are overstating it to have nice anecdotes in interviews and not because they actually felt that way. A somewhat uncomfortable corset then becomes a corset that constricts your lungs. Otherwise it would be more than irresponsible from the costume department and they would certainly not accept that.

  • Corneliu


    8 giorni fa

    Also, if you don't like the corset isn't it just as simple as not wearing it?

  • ImNotFamous


    8 giorni fa

    Curb your curb

    • ImNotFamous


      8 giorni fa

      😭😭😭 if they ever make a video for it

  • Towse


    8 giorni fa


  • hot sauce

    hot sauce

    8 giorni fa

    Question to all you corset lovers and to those who actually know the history behind them.
    Would anyone consider a corset similar or exact to that of a brace in which people with, for instance, scoliosis would wear?
    I've seen many posts about how a back brace and corsets are practically the same thing, to which disagree, but that could just be me not knowing the history behind it so if anyone would be so kind to actually explain to me the similarities/differences??
    P.s I've wore a brace before I can give some details if anything😊

  • Campus Choice

    Campus Choice

    9 giorni fa

    it’s just our laziness

  • Hyicrotai


    9 giorni fa

    In all fairness, those women wore them every day since they were able to wear one. The women of today never wear them. Their bodies never morphed to fit it like they would have.



    9 giorni fa

    While she said ''you can't sit down'' i was seating with a corset on. Good laugh😂

  • Rohit Shinde

    Rohit Shinde

    9 giorni fa

    I don't think it was curb ur video. These actress may be right.

  • MozzarElla


    10 giorni fa

    "They made you get in a car in a corset?!?!" 🙄🙄 guys cmon!

  • Daniel DuVernay

    Daniel DuVernay

    10 giorni fa

    Modern ones are probably very different from what would have been worn back then

  • Kristina Galthea Kay

    Kristina Galthea Kay

    11 giorni fa

    This triggers me so much - it's like complaining your shoes hurt your fees when you buy 3 sizes too small ones...

  • relaxation station

    relaxation station

    11 giorni fa

    Back in the day corsets weren't actually extremely tight but were used as push up bras for women. The modern day twist on the corset makes it seem like they were impossible to move around in but, historically, that is so inaccurate.

  • DraculaCronqvist


    13 giorni fa

    Feminism is nothing but historical revisionism. Always making it out that women have been treated horribly and oppressed, because that fits the narrative. It's nothing but lies.

  • Litterbox


    13 giorni fa

    Corsettes aren't actually uncomfortable. There's different kinds. The kind they're thinking of are for training(reshaping) your body and organs. That was a short lived trend. Normal corsettes are just .. tight. That's it.
    Wearing tight leather pants is far worse.

  • Gianluca Natale

    Gianluca Natale

    13 giorni fa

    the best is the old pics of woman climbing ,ount everest love that shit

  • lana winters

    lana winters

    14 giorni fa

    I actually think that those actresses had to wear poorly made corsets

  • Helena Antunes

    Helena Antunes

    14 giorni fa

    And let's not forget that besides corsets being made to fit the woman body, they were used to wear them since young and the corset adapts to the body too as they are growing, so they are used to it wearing them like it's a normal piece of clothing. The actresses are not used to wear corsets so, obviously, they are gonna find them uncomfortable to wear it. Not saying that they were 100% confortable at the time but its very different when you are used to wear something your whole life and when you try something the first time.

  • Kiwi Tealc

    Kiwi Tealc

    14 giorni fa

    ok but emma stone's face when she gets interrupted is priceless

  • alexs aquariums

    alexs aquariums

    15 giorni fa

    So ladies used to be badass

  • Joseph Sanders

    Joseph Sanders

    16 giorni fa

    Women: god corsets are unbearable and you can’t breath
    Pre top surgery trans guys: first time?

  • amy b

    amy b

    16 giorni fa

    To be fair corsets made today are probably made with higher quality and stronger materials

  • MaddoxMakesVideos


    16 giorni fa

    So much for women being strong. All people in the last 20 years have only gotten weaker, and woker.

  • Eliina


    17 giorni fa

    Thank you so much for making these! I've loved corsets since I learned they existed.

  • rice ball

    rice ball

    17 giorni fa

    corsets weren't usually laced tightly back then unless it was a very very special occasion.



    17 giorni fa

    This ladies are now the sponsor and ambassadors for a f*king tight Waist Trainers..
    Lmaoo.. The irony



    17 giorni fa

    Anyone else watched one of this "Curb your" videos and is now stuck on it

  • Boneless Eggs

    Boneless Eggs

    17 giorni fa

    They was fucking built tough back then
    Then-Cycle with a corset
    Now-Sit in the back seat with a corset

  • Lili's ShiNing

    Lili's ShiNing

    17 giorni fa

    Karolina you’re my favorite YouTuber

  • Lili's ShiNing

    Lili's ShiNing

    17 giorni fa

    This is so embarrassing...



    17 giorni fa

    Check out summer walkers corsets lol

  • Teenybabs


    18 giorni fa

    I think this could be compared to wearing heels. Yes they can hurt like hell, but they look good. Sometimes the blisters are worth it.

  • Swathi subramanya

    Swathi subramanya

    18 giorni fa

    The corsets aren't the problem. If they are made perfectly for a person, they can climb mountains in it. It's this era which makes them look bad as they want to look down on the early ages ITS HORRIBLE THE FASHION IN THE 18 AND 19 HUNDREDS ARE SOMETHING TO LEARN FROM. The fashion industry of the movies don't make them properly for the actresses. Most celebrities exaggerate like hell but some tell the truth.

  • Elizabeth


    19 giorni fa

    Anyone that grew up in countries big on waist trainers know that corsets are soooo comfortable. Wait until you have to do 6 hours of school AND PE in a waist trainer

  • Avantika


    19 giorni fa

    The corsets were probably badly made but whyyyy??? These are such high budget films and can't they get costume designers who actually studied fashion

  • rae tÿ

    rae tÿ

    19 giorni fa

    Ok then, let's talk shit about pregnancy, when organs are pushed as well

  • tatum ergo

    tatum ergo

    19 giorni fa

    After all, they need to sensationalise the movie in order to sell it, which otherwise the majority of people wouldn't go to see it. It has become a mantra with Hollywood actresses, somehow to demonstrate their dedication and acting skills.
    Yet millions of women around the world invest thousands of dollars in the modern version of the corset, which is the fat reducing waist band. And no one seems to be complaining about that, or calling it represive because of the toxic male chauvinist beauty standards for women!



    20 giorni fa

    𝙸 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚙𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚕𝚊𝚍𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚔𝚎𝚍 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚕𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚜𝚎𝚝 𝚘𝚗.

  • Thiago Zagonel de Linhares

    Thiago Zagonel de Linhares

    20 giorni fa

    Your corset videos are basically "people have to know they are wrong!"
    And I love it!

  • Fien Verbeeck

    Fien Verbeeck

    20 giorni fa

    I don't know if the actresses are wrong or that the clothing departements of these films just gave them historically inacurate and painful corsets. I think it's the latter... It's a pity!

  • Kai Aguilar

    Kai Aguilar

    21 giorno fa

    Damn I didn’t know women back then were so badass

  • Kim Boyer

    Kim Boyer

    21 giorno fa

    Please learn to use corsets so that more people will want to wear them... 🙂
    I'm looking for good cheap ones and doesn't seem like the demand is quite there cause its hard to find 😅 (especially ones that deliver in Canada)

  • Nosebleed de Groselha

    Nosebleed de Groselha

    21 giorno fa

    This is literally why I gave up on questioning and debating my mom. I had this dialogue with her recently:
    "So I've researched a lot about corsets in Victorian and Edwardian periods recently"
    "Ah, they were horrible, weren't they? 😔"
    "Actually it was a very normal thing, it was just like bras"
    "Yeah, it's terrible 😔"
    "No, they were actually normal, women could normally function in them"
    "Poor girls, getting used to this terrible torture instrument 😔"
    "But it wasn't a torture instrument"
    "Indeed, they didn't realize they were being tortured for centuries😔"
    "Women could literally do sports in corsets, it wasn't hurtful..."
    "Yes, they didn't know how hurt they were 😔"
    "If they are done properly for your body corsets don't hurt you"
    "And that's exactly what they didn't use do 😔"

  • H C

    H C

    21 giorno fa

    However, it still bothers me a lot because when they use corsets they generalize their experience and they are like ''oh the rumors and stereotypes of corsets were true''

  • That one detective

    That one detective

    22 giorni fa

    Honestly I don’t actually blame them
    The design used for filming would probably be all about looks and not comfort

  • The Suspicious Dude

    The Suspicious Dude

    22 giorni fa


  • Misty Floros

    Misty Floros

    22 giorni fa

    Me at the corset-lacing scenes: is this lesbian BDSM

  • Carlos Lucas Ramos

    Carlos Lucas Ramos

    22 giorni fa

    Womans being mad about bieng womans...did i complain about being a man? We got our shity things to

  • Arthur Meeks

    Arthur Meeks

    23 giorni fa

    Before I saw who posted the video, I thought "Karolina Żebrowska
    would love this!"

  • One PanDa \._./

    One PanDa \._./

    23 giorni fa

    why was the second one moaning like that

  • C Anthony

    C Anthony

    23 giorni fa

    I lost it at the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" — Theme

  • Kai Oliver

    Kai Oliver

    23 giorni fa


  • Sexybitch


    24 giorni fa

    I don't know much but u can see the women in history also had a very obviously squeezed thin waist its unnatural but how come they could wear it everyday? Well maybe its they had to wear it everyday after all and they LIVED in it. There were women in china i think who used to have very very small feet, as small as a 5 yrs old or something, how come they'd have such small feet even when they grew up? Its bcz they'd wear reallyy tight shoes from childhood to never let the feet grow out of that size as small feet were considered attractive in their tribe. There were also women who'd wear bangles like loops in their necks to achieve a long neck...just bcz they had to do all this n live like that doesn't mean it was easy.

  • 0 7

    0 7

    25 giorni fa

    Those woman were adapted to be in those for years, that was the ideal body type. Of course it wouldn't work as well for present day woman

  • muzhira sadeek

    muzhira sadeek

    25 giorni fa

    watching bridgerton rn and needless to say imma bout to go off as well

  • Savage Bitch

    Savage Bitch

    26 giorni fa

    This ”I am lady I hate corsets you can’t move”-thing is so dumb. I understand that they’re trying to make women nowdays feel better about ourselves, but it shoots hundreds of years of women’s history in the foot. By saying “you can’t move in a corset”, you’re also invalidating the women who worked so hard, wearing corsets every day.

  • People said my Username was Offensive

    People said my Username was Offensive

    26 giorni fa

    Close your eyes and listen to this 0:09

  • Moonlit Angel Cosplay

    Moonlit Angel Cosplay

    26 giorni fa

    As someone that had a corset-like medical brace to try and fix my scoliosis (which is far more uncomfortable, especially my second one) I'm solidly in the mindset that corsets, when used properly are super comfortable. Key note: when used properly. It's sad that these women had such bad experiences with an amazing garment all becuase of the movie industry's want to make everything sexy to the point of pain and discomfort.

  • bloo jkl45

    bloo jkl45

    26 giorni fa

    Yeah just because women played sports in a corset doesn’t mean it wasn’t uncomfortable. This channel is anti-women.

  • Romy Bank

    Romy Bank

    26 giorni fa

    Eye do have to say that when working as an Extra in Film, the corsets eye was given did not fit me. They tended to be a few sizes too big for me. And it hurt a lot. Breathing and sitting down did hurt a lot. But eye guess that's because they weren't fitted for me.

  • Kevin James

    Kevin James

    26 giorni fa

    This is embarrassing! Aren't the people incharge of wardrobe supposed to know about historical pieces of fashion and how they were worn??

  • A Ga

    A Ga

    26 giorni fa

    Women were so much strong minded back then.

  • Cat Cameron

    Cat Cameron

    27 giorni fa

    Surely the first duty of every one on set is the safety and comfort of everyone involved. Seriously, it's just a movie.
    [Why is everybody laughing?]
    Just try saying, 'A pair of bodies', five times fast, without laughing. Go on. We'll wait...



    27 giorni fa

    Modern (or now) corsets tight
    Past corsets: everyday wear

  • Cynical Dude

    Cynical Dude

    27 giorni fa

    Do not put the Lord’s name in vain! Jesus Christ is Lord! Turn to Jesus Christ today!

  • iLoveCinnamonRolls


    27 giorni fa

    *bernadette Banner has entered the chat*

  • catoptrophobia


    27 giorni fa

    what movie is 0:12

  • mr raindrop

    mr raindrop

    27 giorni fa

    0:15 show title?

  • Alee


    27 giorni fa

    actress: "i nearly died, it was like having a child but worst, that cut me in half"
    victorian women: *haha cliff go boom*

  • Angela Rimmer

    Angela Rimmer

    28 giorni fa

    The slideshow at the end was actually really empowering to watch, somehow. Because corsets or no corsets, we don't see enough images of women from those times being active. I love it.

  • Ghost Lt

    Ghost Lt

    28 giorni fa


  • Nikolas Russell

    Nikolas Russell

    28 giorni fa

    Those women’s bodies were used to the corset so it wasn’t nearly the same experience for them as it was for the actresses

  • Alfred Walthamstow Johnson

    Alfred Walthamstow Johnson

    28 giorni fa

    Why do I feel like women back then were so much stronger and so much more admirable than the many whiny women of our generation?

  • CynicalTurtle 18

    CynicalTurtle 18

    28 giorni fa