Let's Talk About Princess Beatrice's Wedding Dress (aka Vintage Dress Alteration Done Right)

Pubblicato il 22 lug 2020
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watch me roast people destroying vintage wedding dresses here: itload.info/losk/dmaxnJ2cmprboaw/video
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Bridey Klöti

    Bridey Klöti

    13 giorni fa

    I could listen to you explain things all day Karolina, you're so endearing. And you've kind of got a "drunk history" in the middle of the day vibe going on :)

  • jansousa


    21 giorno fa

    The reason for the sleeves is because it was worn on a religious ceremony, so the shoulders should be covered :-)

  • Peak Trans

    Peak Trans

    23 giorni fa

    Even today a British bride as to wear sleeves.

  • Cassandra Ralph

    Cassandra Ralph

    23 giorni fa

    Princess Beatrice looked beautiful on her wedding day, I thought the dress was altered tastefully, and fitted her body perfectly, but however I think the extra length of fabric added to the skirt could have been better matched up, and the seam covered with embroidery, or vintage sparkly lace. The tiara was just right for the dress, the pattern and style complemented the dress, and Princess Beatrice face,and her body shape as well.

  • Aditi Siddharth

    Aditi Siddharth

    23 giorni fa

    I think both the sisters did well with their wedding dresses. I liked both

  • happy wanderlust

    happy wanderlust

    23 giorni fa

    I love her dress!

  • Maureen Flovers

    Maureen Flovers

    24 giorni fa

    She is talking to much and shows far less

  • Eva H

    Eva H

    24 giorni fa

    I hope the queen already started. Given the granddaughter the dresses. I agree w your statement about people changing the dresses. Personally the sleeves dose not look good. She should have pull on small coat a short one. And she should have wear a petty coat. . the dress look to flat.

  • Melanie K

    Melanie K

    24 giorni fa

    The Fringe Tiara worn by The Queen on her wedding day was said to have broken the day of the wedding. The Royal Jewellers were rushed in to fix it so it could be worn at the wedding.

  • Deborah Canovan

    Deborah Canovan

    24 giorni fa

    Royal protocol - Royal Brides must not have bare shoulders.

  • Kara Lozdan

    Kara Lozdan

    25 giorni fa

    Your hair is absolutely perfect for your face.

  • Feed me cheese

    Feed me cheese

    25 giorni fa

    Stunning dress.

  • Jessie Joseph

    Jessie Joseph

    26 giorni fa

    I think she put the sleeves on because she was brought up to wear sleeves in church.

  • vivienne l

    vivienne l

    26 giorni fa

    in case you're wondering, it's pronounced bee-uh-triss

  • Salena Ilnitsky

    Salena Ilnitsky

    26 giorni fa

    Are you Portuguese? Your accent reminds me of a foreign exchange student our school hosted



    26 giorni fa

    Hey Karolina Zebrowska, the sleeves had to be added because it was a church wedding. Look at all the UK royal wedding dresses, do you see any without sleeves?

  • gigi bb

    gigi bb

    27 giorni fa

    I feel like its too juvenile for Princess Beatrice. Transparent puffy sleeves just reminds me of little flower girls. The transparent sleeves would look better if it were tight and elbow length or they could try to get the same main wedding fabric and make it elbow length. Or even just wore long gloves. I'm guessing they added the sleeves because of strict rules, shame... it would be gorgeous if she just wore it as is.

  • Clara Av. de Frutos

    Clara Av. de Frutos

    27 giorni fa

    Karolina! would you do a video showing some vintage hairstyles for short hair? :D

  • Faron Rich

    Faron Rich

    Mese fa

    I think the royals can only wear sleeveless dresses in the evening. Kate, Meghan, and Eugenie all wore long sleeve wedding dresses. Beatrice didn't wear her original wedding dress because her wedding ceremony and location had changed. Instead, she altered a vintage evening dress, but she would have needed to add sleeves because it was no longer an evening dress. The bottom piece was added because Beatrice is taller than the Queen by 2 or 3 inches. I loved it and wished other vintage evening dresses were worn by younger royals. ( I remake shirts, and I think the sleeves needed to be puffy to provide room for her arm to move.)

  • Susan Lawrence

    Susan Lawrence

    Mese fa

    I am surprised that so many people are stating here that Queen Elizabeth is so much shorter than her granddaughter Beatrice. They are both 5'4.

  • Di Harding

    Di Harding

    Mese fa

    Princess Beatrice had to have sleeves, Royal brides always have covered shoulders and arms, the satin at the base of the dress was to lengthen it - The Queen is about 6-7 inches shorter than her grand-daughter :)

    • Susan Lawrence

      Susan Lawrence

      Mese fa

      The queen and her granddaughter are both 5'4.

  • Michelle S.

    Michelle S.

    Mese fa

    Does she not look like the little mermaid, though. The hair, the sleeves, the giant eyes...

  • Dolly Gottings

    Dolly Gottings

    Mese fa

    She looked beautiful.

  • Maylis Atik

    Maylis Atik

    Mese fa

    I think a royal wedding dress cannot show that much skin and so they added sleeves...

  • Amy Lynn Hunt

    Amy Lynn Hunt

    Mese fa

    I love that Beatrice wore her Grandmother's dress! (On your poor sleepy kitty!) All of the women in my family wire regular day dresses or were built like a human Barbie doll (My Mom. D - cup, 21 inch waist. When her dress fits my waist, the entire bodice just falls down, it's so funny) Beatrice's figure is a bit like Queen Elizabeth 's, so that helped.

  • Náyade de Cumbe

    Náyade de Cumbe

    Mese fa

    The dress was ugly and her hair was totally a disaster. The original dress was beautiful

  • Prathama Hajra

    Prathama Hajra

    Mese fa

    I love karolina's cat.

  • JanineBean


    Mese fa

    I adore this! The dress is amazing, and actually surprisingly modern for a vintage dress, even before alteration

  • Maria Thrash

    Maria Thrash

    Mese fa

    And she honored her grandmother, which is huge.

  • Maria Thrash

    Maria Thrash

    Mese fa

    I love your hair!

  • Judy Hale

    Judy Hale

    Mese fa

    They might have to have sleeves if the wedding is held in a church

  • Liz Seabrook

    Liz Seabrook

    Mese fa

    I thought that royals had a rule for wedding dresses that the shoulders had to be covered. Hence, the controversy over Megan Markle’s dress. It is a beautiful homage to her grandmother and a truly stunning design. Considering how much the girl had to give up because of COVID, it is a true mark of love for history.

  • Nora Yelton

    Nora Yelton

    Mese fa

    You are stunning! ❤️ You literally look like you stepped out of some other era and your rocking it!!

  • Amy


    Mese fa

    It helps that Bea has a similar figure to the Queen at that age, so the shape stayed largely the same. This is such a lovely look, so unique and individual to the bride, which is what a wedding dress should be!

  • FlickerFlame


    Mese fa

    I didn't dislike it - I just didn't love it. I thought it a bit drab. You can tell it wasn't worn the way it was designed to be worn, which was puffed out, to show off the beautiful jewels. Yeah - it just didn't pop, and you want it to pop on your wedding day. But don't worry, no one else has said this so I'm in extreme minority.

  • Midna Heed

    Midna Heed

    Mese fa

    Such a gorgeous princess!

  • SugarfreeCandy


    Mese fa

    I love the fact that she wore her grandma’s dress! It is so sweet!

  • Eleanor Barsic

    Eleanor Barsic

    Mese fa

    The fabrics are not the same from the original to the altered... I'm corious if the satin band at the bottom is cut from the original satin used for the queens dress? Often the satin ordered was too much for the project and then saved. Clearly different gowns and beautifully copied

  • Bombshell Musical

    Bombshell Musical

    Mese fa

    I love this dress. Royal brides have to wear sleeves, so there wasn’t the option of leaving it sleeveless.

  • Maggie D.

    Maggie D.

    Mese fa

    I think it’s lovely that on such a special day she wore her grandmother’s dress

  • Red Lady

    Red Lady

    Mese fa

    Lovely dress but the strip of satin is naff. There must have been some damage to the dress they were covering

  • Podfixx


    Mese fa

    Isn't there some royal protocol that says that royal wedding dresses must cover the shoulders? I'm sure there was something said about this during the BBC coverage of Megan and Harry's wedding while waiting for Megan to arrive. 🧡

  • Christy T

    Christy T

    Mese fa

    I think the sleeves were added to cover her shoulders in the church. A lot of modern gown come with the option to add a sleeve due to shoulders not being acceptable in many churches.

  • Christy T

    Christy T

    Mese fa

    I’m going to have to go back and watch the video of the ruined wedding dresses.

  • Michelle Beckert

    Michelle Beckert

    Mese fa

    I may be wrong but I believed there is a rule that the royal family must have their shoulders covered for the wedding.

  • Julie Jeavons

    Julie Jeavons

    Mese fa

    Maybe they felt sleeveless straps weren’t appropriate to wear in a church? When the Queen is there and her position in the Church of England the bride cannot show too much flesh

  • Elmi Friends

    Elmi Friends

    Mese fa

    I agree with sleeves but for my taste I would have prefered tight fitting sleeves to the elbow I heard why she chose those no it was her day and mother should have insisted to stand aside as such but no that's Fergie for you

  • lisamarie garza

    lisamarie garza

    Mese fa

    20 😂😂

  • Terry Turner

    Terry Turner

    Mese fa

    As Her majesty is not nearly as tall as Princess Beatrice obviously the skirt needed to be made longer but I think they used the worng fabric. They shoudl have used something nearer to the original... it is quite possible that Her Majesty still has some of the original fabric. The join could have been disguised with some sort of trim.

  • Dexy Nash

    Dexy Nash

    Mese fa

    She had to wear sleeves..it's royal protocol....bare shoulders are a No No ESPECIALLY in church.

  • Jana Kuzmanovska

    Jana Kuzmanovska

    Mese fa

    The sleeves are added to make the gown appropriate for church/abbey.

  • beeharbour II

    beeharbour II

    Mese fa

    The stlye of the sleeves undid the whole. It the syle that babies and young girls wear and unless you are on your way to a fancy dressball no adult shoud ever be observed wearing the things.

  • Arianna Arredondo

    Arianna Arredondo

    Mese fa

    Altering the wedding dress... ✨respectfully✨

  • Anon A. Mouse

    Anon A. Mouse

    Mese fa

    You seemed to have difficulty pronouncing words and phrases. Toward the end of the vid I thought - YES! I know what the matter is - it's your teeth which appear to get in the way. They need to be removed - after which you should see a marked improvement in speech.

  • Dolly Daydream

    Dolly Daydream

    Mese fa

    That cat did not look delighted.

  • Aliarose C

    Aliarose C

    Mese fa

    It's fascinating to see her in this vintage gown, especially with how strikingly she looks like a redheaded Queen Victoria.

  • killmenowprettyprett


    Mese fa

    I don’t have a link but I remember seeing a clip from the wedding dress show where someone cut off the neck lacing or whatever it’s called in front of the mom and daughter and I’m not an expert but it looked like the same dress. There’s also a clip where they wash a dress because it had yellowed. I think at least some of the time they do actually alter the dress

  • B purple

    B purple

    Mese fa

    This should be in a museum not being changed. I don't like that at all

  • Carmen B

    Carmen B

    Mese fa

    Don’t like the royals but damn, that dress was pretty

  • marelle q

    marelle q

    Mese fa

    not so european sleeves yes are english. not modern. oscar de la renta has a better neckline floating silk tulle off the shoulder . the idea is not very creative

  • vazz sathish

    vazz sathish

    Mese fa


  • alecoloxa


    Mese fa

    4:46 that close up is very uncomfortable

  • Phoebe Rose

    Phoebe Rose

    2 mesi fa

    I agree very much and think this is a perfect example of altered wedding dresses done right

  • Leslie Kendall

    Leslie Kendall

    2 mesi fa

    Only disappointed she didn't wear her antler hat. 🤪

  • Deo Volente

    Deo Volente

    2 mesi fa


  • Code Name

    Code Name

    2 mesi fa

    I absolutely love how tastefully and conservatively she had that dress altered. It was beautifully fit, still looked like the original and was gorgeous. I like the addition of sleeves. It may have been for modesty’s sake, it could be a simply style driven choice ( maybe she doesn’t like sleeveless) and it was well done without destroying it.

  • Libby Spriggs

    Libby Spriggs

    2 mesi fa

    My personal favorite of the modern royal wedding dresses. It is beautiful and they did the original design so much justice. She looked amazing

  • Priscila Guimarães

    Priscila Guimarães

    2 mesi fa

    I have a feeling the princess saw this video. I wonder if she left a comment 👀

  • Kate S

    Kate S

    2 mesi fa

    The new sleeves are bad, though, in my opinion. I wouldn't wear something with such sleeves to save my life

  • Martha Naranjo

    Martha Naranjo

    2 mesi fa

    I think the sleeves were there because you are not supposed to show your bare shoulders in church

  • Jim P

    Jim P

    2 mesi fa

    British royal wedding dresses must have sleeves. It's not about the church. Actually, all wedding dresses should have sleeves. A white sleeveless formal dress is a debutante gown. I think the sleeves should have been long. The puffy sleeves are a bit discordant with the look of the original dress.

  • lemsip


    2 mesi fa

    Princess Beatrice's wedding dress was originally an evening gown the Queen wore not her wedding dress.

  • Kaitlyn Hernandez

    Kaitlyn Hernandez

    3 mesi fa

    Did they maybe add the satin at the bottom to protect the original hem of the skirt? I don't know how well satin might protect something in this situation but maybe?

  • bubblepie bubblepie

    bubblepie bubblepie

    3 mesi fa

    I love her unique style and this dress suited her brilliantly.

  • Jean Valjean

    Jean Valjean

    4 mesi fa

    Elizabeth looked better. She was slim and had a better hairstyle.

  • Grace Thomas-Hurley

    Grace Thomas-Hurley

    4 mesi fa

    In the other brides defence, I would assume the royal family has a somewhat bigger budget to make it work.

  • Νίκη Χανδρή

    Νίκη Χανδρή

    4 mesi fa

    I love your furball son....give him kisses for me.

  • kateri17


    4 mesi fa

    I love the dress. I'm glad we're generally going in favor of sleeves on wedding dresses now; for years every bride looked like she was just coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel under her arms. I still love Diana's dress best but Beatrice is a close 2nd!

  • Mina Tempes

    Mina Tempes

    4 mesi fa

    oh great more anti-sleeve propaganda. wtf

  • Daphna Eremina

    Daphna Eremina

    4 mesi fa

    The dress was absolutely GORGEOUS. She (and her sister) had absolutely gorgeous wedding gowns unlike markle’s absolute disaster...

  • kd gc

    kd gc

    5 mesi fa

    I'm watching Lucy Worsley's - BBC Two HD Victoria & Albert The Royal Wedding (2018) and Queen Victoria's shoulders are purposely bare.

  • Amanda Nelson

    Amanda Nelson

    5 mesi fa

    Your hair looks great!

  • Elise Curran

    Elise Curran

    5 mesi fa

    Karolina, what is your kitty's name? He's a pretty boy!

  • GreenBeetle


    5 mesi fa

    but she is a princess why not wear a dress who looks over the top ?
    if it was me i just wear that dress who was ment to be originally.

  • maggieedna


    5 mesi fa

    Doesnt the chapel where the royal family gets married require sleeves on wedding dresses?

  • Paul Small

    Paul Small

    5 mesi fa


  • Liz H

    Liz H

    5 mesi fa

    It's a very beautiful dress, I am glad she wore it. The very puffy sleeves made it look like Dorothy's dress in the Wizard of Oz, but.... Oh well, this is a fantastic idea.
    Bea's mum loved Queen Victoria, and that looks like one of her tiaras, I think. Or at least one the queen wore on her wedding day. Lovely, sorry the original hemline wasn't kept, as it was so unusual, but I think it had to be that way.
    A masterful job refitting it, such an enexpected choice, but quite refreshing.

  • Denise Freitas

    Denise Freitas

    5 mesi fa

    Love the dress. Bea looks Pretty.

  • Maureen Hannivan

    Maureen Hannivan

    5 mesi fa

    It’s just a dress. Brides have no one to please but themselves and future hubby

  • Susan Sherwood

    Susan Sherwood

    5 mesi fa

    I wonder if the addition to the bottom was because she was taller than her grandmother was when the queen wore it

  • G GaffGaff

    G GaffGaff

    5 mesi fa

    I’m not also I huge fan of the sleeves -but I’m pretty sure she needed to add them for a church wedding. Shoulders, for some reason, can’t be seen in certain churches.

  • suzanne kathro

    suzanne kathro

    5 mesi fa

    I love the dress but not the sleeves.

  • charl KRIEK

    charl KRIEK

    5 mesi fa

    HRH Princess Beatrice stole hearts in her wedding dress

  • charl KRIEK

    charl KRIEK

    5 mesi fa

    HRH Princess Eugenia looked breathtakingly beautiful

  • Patty Longan

    Patty Longan

    5 mesi fa

    They added sleeves so she could get married in it, i guess you have to have your shoulders covered.

  • The ghost In the mirror

    The ghost In the mirror

    5 mesi fa

    As a rule for alterations, I’d say that you can alter it to fit your form, and if you want: add. If you have to deconstruct and reconstruct the thing to wear it how you want, buy a sundress and use that as your base instead.

  • Will B. Nimble

    Will B. Nimble

    5 mesi fa

    I'm just glad you found your cat.

  • fan2jnrc


    5 mesi fa

    The dress was of a wonderful elegance as worn by the Queen. By Beatrice, with this altered version, really, no, definitely no.

  • Clara M

    Clara M

    5 mesi fa

    Bea looks so much like her character in The Windsors

  • J thelo324

    J thelo324

    5 mesi fa

    No it doesn't look good or modern imo