my heart may be cold but my favorite vintage outfits are warm 🔥

Pubblicato il 14 feb 2021
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not wearing a mask cause it's my backyard. shops and brands I'm wearing (not sponsored):
Korsena ll (a disclaimer because some of you got worried: the shop also supplies WW2 German uniforms to reenactors and educational institutions)
The House of Foxy ll
Scarlet Rage Vintage ll
Breslauerin ll
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Karolina Żebrowska

    Karolina Żebrowska

    10 giorni fa

    take a shot every time I say "garbage" 🗑️

    • The Lidster

      The Lidster

      4 giorni fa

      Please could you do a reaction video to #bardcore music it's basically popular songs we listen to now but they are medieval style

    • Kyle Forrest

      Kyle Forrest

      6 giorni fa

      you plan to do us in ;)

    • Michelle Byrom

      Michelle Byrom

      7 giorni fa

      @Aprilmädchen we get gabor brand in GB and Ireland. Good make. It should be possible to ship or gabor will know the local sellers.

    • lana rose

      lana rose

      8 giorni fa

      *of water

    • Chanel McCoy

      Chanel McCoy

      8 giorni fa

      I have similar boots that I bought from JoBear Boots. They are gorgeous and comfortable, though it took a long time to get them. So worth it.

  • Ana Luiza Reis

    Ana Luiza Reis

    16 minuti fa

    Me, living in Brazil during the summer, watching the whole video knowing very well I will never have the weather for such outfits 😭😭😭

  • DeLioncourt


    5 ore fa

    I like the idea of buying great quality eternal fashion clothes but I probably would feel bored to wear same outfit for more than 2 years. d'you know what I mean

  • Mary H

    Mary H

    7 ore fa

    Moths are the WORST. I am a knitter and moths destroyed my yarn stash & 80% of my old projects. Shawls. Hats. Sweaters. 8 years of work. Trashed. 🗑️ 😩 Tragic.

  • AJ


    17 ore fa

    Noone would look twice if you were in the first suit here, such sets are fairly standard in Moscow, Russia!

  • k a y l e e

    k a y l e e

    17 ore fa

    "i don't care. they're not paying my rent."
    this is the energy we need in 2021.

  • Naivet Moronta

    Naivet Moronta

    20 ore fa


  • Katherine Hamar

    Katherine Hamar

    Giorno fa

    This entire video is now my shopping list...

  • Katarzyna Mojeścik

    Katarzyna Mojeścik

    Giorno fa

    Jesli chodzi o sznurowane skorzane buty, sprawdz Red Or Dead, styl: Exam. Maja opcje do kolana i do kostek, bez zamka

  • Tricia Propst

    Tricia Propst

    Giorno fa

    Boots: resole. Glue. Keep.

  • Potato


    Giorno fa

    Lol I feel like this video was. Look at my clothes and how much I kinda hate them but hey! They are historically accurate so I wear them! 😂😂😂

  • Yara Zan

    Yara Zan

    Giorno fa

    Imagine having winter as a season.

  • super_toad_fan


    Giorno fa

    5:00 I can say as as Austrian that this skirt looks also for me like a traditional austrian "Tracht" piece.
    If you wanna know there is the perfect chance that you wear ja top like a cotton/linen fabrics with some Embroidery on it.
    Would be looking great because this skirt is really cute

  • Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa

    Giorno fa

    6:41 Koalaina  Żebrowska

  • Eva


    Giorno fa

    haha, I wear my 'modern' clothing for so long, by the time I am finished with it, it has become vintage :P

  • Eva


    Giorno fa

    You could look at leather boots that are meant for horseback riding. They come with laces, are very comfy and fit extremely well around your legs!

  • Στυλιάνα Παπαδοπούλου

    Στυλιάνα Παπαδοπούλου

    Giorno fa

    the suit jacket with the skirt was my favorite, whilst the teddy bear coat didn't suit you in my opinion, but overall liked all the pieces 💜🖤

  • Lily&River


    Giorno fa

    That snow suit is sooooo epic, now I must have one too (and I seldom say I 'must' anything)

  • Jackson D. Begley

    Jackson D. Begley

    2 giorni fa

    That title is an A+.

  • hmy c

    hmy c

    2 giorni fa

    Hi Karolina! Could you please do a review on the costumes of the tv show “Les Miserables (BBC)”, “The Great” and the movies “Les Miserables (the musical)” and “Tolkien”? Love your videos!💖

  • HuSanNiang


    2 giorni fa

    Servus from Austria. About the skirt. Is it made out of Loden? Then you can consider it a country style clothing in Austria.

  • Rabies


    2 giorni fa

    The teddy bear style coat actually looks really good on you but the pants are all wrong for the outfit. I think if you change the pants or skirt to something else it would look great

  • Tiffany Liang

    Tiffany Liang

    2 giorni fa

    ThEy SuRvIvEd ThE wAr

  • Lucas Stitt

    Lucas Stitt

    2 giorni fa

    I am a guy trying to get into vintage fashion. Could you do a video specifically to help men who are struggling to break into those looks?

  • Dual Fox

    Dual Fox

    2 giorni fa

    Would you consider the option of doing a sewing tutorial video? Or maybe some basics? I'd love to be able to sew my own clothes one day😍

  • Carol John

    Carol John

    3 giorni fa

    Saw some beautiful knee high laced up flat boots in Burda, by Kennel and Schmenger. Love the snow suit . 😘

  • Runadolls OOAK

    Runadolls OOAK

    3 giorni fa

    I'm into modern fashion but I can wear one big warm jacket for about 3 winters :D usually I have just one of them and don't change it unless it's broken))) well maybe I'm just fashion outsider :D

  • Ana Stan

    Ana Stan

    3 giorni fa

    These outfits are absolutely gorgeous! Karolina's on-screen presence is just so soothing and funny at the same time, and her videos are both educative and entertaining. Her content always makes my days better!

  • Zachary A.

    Zachary A.

    3 giorni fa

    Marry me Karolina

  • Nerdygoddess


    3 giorni fa

    I think we broke Korsena (went to look up the snow suit and had a pop up tell me to come back in March)

  • frenetic_muse


    3 giorni fa

    That snow suit is amazin ad I"m Canadian... I know snowsuits. You look incredible.

  • Dan


    3 giorni fa

    *Sees french resisitance outfit with Beret*
    "Listen very carefully, I shall zay ziss only wunce" xD

  • madeleine


    3 giorni fa

    "winter is almost over" 🥲 winter lasts through april in minnesota

  • Jenifir Thies-Thompson

    Jenifir Thies-Thompson

    3 giorni fa

    Hi Karolina, In Ottawa, Canada where I live great boots are essential and vintage inspired works better than actual vintage. I bought these Canadian made boots in burgandy three years ago and think they might work for you: Newer version from the manufacturer:
    We briefly met in the washroom of the V and A in 2017. Great outfits and good luck with the boots!

  • Jessicaaljp


    3 giorni fa

    The snow suit is amazing!

  • Jeremy Compton

    Jeremy Compton

    3 giorni fa

    Hi Karolina, l like your very glamourous looks. You have very nice curly hair. You do some very interesting video clips. l have watched a few. l really liked your video on your 1909 elegant dress. 😊

  • Amanda Marquart

    Amanda Marquart

    4 giorni fa

    Can’t suggest a replacement for the boots but could you find a cobbler to replace the soles? / patch the uppers?

  • Cassandra Harding

    Cassandra Harding

    4 giorni fa

    seeing how long karolina's hair has grown really makes me realise time is passing huh

  • Mer Boy

    Mer Boy

    4 giorni fa

    You look amazing with that 40s combo of coat and wide leg pants❗❗❗❗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Brlbrlbrl Prrt

    Brlbrlbrl Prrt

    4 giorni fa

    So Karolina broke the internet with that orange parajumper winter wear. The site is down til march 18 due the many orders...
    I wanted one too 🙄

  • Elaine Lawrence

    Elaine Lawrence

    4 giorni fa

    You remind me of auntie Lola in those wide pants. And she was a great person

  • First Last

    First Last

    4 giorni fa

    I think you could make an interesting video on lovelocks. Not those things on bridges, but the lovelocks warn in the 17th century by fasionable gentlemen, aristocrats (including some ladies), and kings like Christian IV of Denmark and Charles I of England (until he cut his hair short during his excape from Oxford).

  • Aubrianna Abbema

    Aubrianna Abbema

    4 giorni fa

    I NEED Karolina to go through the new Vivienne Westwood collection (or any of them)

  • Sarah Marques

    Sarah Marques

    4 giorni fa

    Re-enactment vendors sell a lot of leather boots: try searching for medieval, Viking or pirate for varieties of boots similar to what your looking for (even if historically that isn’t at all how they would be classified!).
    I have two suggestions for real leather lace up boots that deliver to Europe. $$$ but custom fit to your feet. Don’t be put off by “men” in the product descriptions as they take your custom foot measurements so really are unisex 🙄. Worth the investment like a good coat!
    Both on Etsy, the first I can vouch for, quality products! A true lace up.
    Second I have been saving up to buy from as more modern lace up w/ thicker soles.

  • Nomopoly 2

    Nomopoly 2

    4 giorni fa

    It's relatively recently that it became socially acceptable for women to wear pants. So most would have been in skirts and dresses even in snowstorms or sub-zero temperatures. Hosiery perhaps, if wealthy; otherwise, bare legs. And such fashions persist through choice in dress codes such as those of the Japanese high school student or the New York fashionista.

  • x x

    x x

    4 giorni fa

    Vintage winter style is difficult??? >>>> NO ! : blouse, knited jumper, wool shirt, long Coat. EASY.

  • key_v


    5 giorni fa

    The color of that snowsuit is definitely for you! You look amazing in it!

  • slee pee

    slee pee

    5 giorni fa

    im sorry if you had talk about this movie but if not have you seen "portrait de la jeune fille en feu"? i just wanna know how accurated is the movie's wardrobe and haven't seen any video about it :(

  • LuciB


    5 giorni fa

    In Rachel Maksey's vlog about Harry Potter lookbook, she wears several pairs of Breckelles boots.

  • CheerUp2


    5 giorni fa

    THAT SNOW SUIT IS SO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD! I assume it doesnt get sold to america though :(

  • astrothsknot


    5 giorni fa

    i always buy stuff off season. it's much cheaper and seasons usually come back round. well made clothes last. Even my stuff from Primark that was £2.50 has lasted me about 4 years, because i take care of my clothes.

  • OdyniecAprum


    5 giorni fa

    Me history geek: Click randomly recommended youtube videos
    "Pretty girl talks about old fashion"
    My brain: "It's good stuff, we're staying here longer"

  • Isabella Schicho

    Isabella Schicho

    5 giorni fa

    The skirt is definitely not part of the traditional clothing in Austria. I am currently becoming a tailor and I mainly make traditional austrian clothing.

  • Anna


    5 giorni fa

    Not sure if anyone recommended it already but you can try looking at the online shop Dream Pairs for some boots. There are a few styles there that look similar to the ones you are wearing in the video.

  • Alexis


    6 giorni fa

    Please respond to The Financial Diet and go on their podcast please, Chelsea is begging to speak with meme mum

  • Lauren


    6 giorni fa

    This winter I really dropped the ball on dressing fashionably or remotely stylish because I'm PREGNANT. 😭 but also 🥰🥳. I hope some day you make a vintage maternity fashion video because I am so lost. Did women in the past just resign themselves to frumpy for 9 months or is there hope?

  • corbett coburn

    corbett coburn

    6 giorni fa

    Here's an idea for a video. Amazon US has a page of clothes that it advertises as "Edwardian Clothing for Women." (If you want, I will provide you a link. I didn't want to post a link without your permission.) Anyway, I thought you could bring up this page and critique the styles on the page. Stay warm.

  • Messes with Matt!

    Messes with Matt!

    6 giorni fa

    You should review the costumes of 1995 sense and sensibility.

  • MrKalooey


    6 giorni fa

    you look like this lady

  • Suzanne DeSylva

    Suzanne DeSylva

    6 giorni fa

    The outfits are gorgeous.

  • Kr Gr

    Kr Gr

    6 giorni fa

    Are you a model for your friends company? Because if not...

  • jubilee greer

    jubilee greer

    6 giorni fa

    Meme mom looks like Millie Bobbie brown all grown up and I’m here for it

  • J K

    J K

    6 giorni fa

    What does she mean by "winter is almost over"?

  • Abbigail Hanson

    Abbigail Hanson

    6 giorni fa

    I get super Amelia Earhart vibes off the snow suit and I'm dying with jealousy.

  • Silver fox Homestead

    Silver fox Homestead

    6 giorni fa

    I am sad the ski suit is sold out!!!

  • Jayne Terry

    Jayne Terry

    6 giorni fa

    I enjoyed your video/ fashion show! Yes you need new boots. In the 80s(?) I had a pair of lingerie pants which were great to wear under unlined wool pants. Wonder if the still make them? Is there a Polish seamstress that could connect with this fashion plate who looks so cool in Vintage?😀❤ K. check out pictures of Emilia Earhart 🛩( sorry not vintage airplane) Love from Canada 🇨🇦💞

  • Alex L

    Alex L

    6 giorni fa

    do love the snowsuit, I'd look like a pencil if i wore it tbh - you look super snazzy tho

  • Flower Meerkat

    Flower Meerkat

    7 giorni fa

    You look lovely in your snow suit. It reminds me of pictures of my Mom skiing.

  • U.


    7 giorni fa

    I love the teddy bear coat and wide pants on you! Not sloppy at all!

  • kismarik


    7 giorni fa

    Please make a review of the costumes in Wandavision 🥺

  • Hannah


    7 giorni fa

    Karolina: mentions Austria
    Me, an Austrian: Meme Mom has noticed us 🥺🥺🥺

  • Melissa


    7 giorni fa

    Um. I checked out the Korsena page and the clothes look really cute, but.... they sell hats with swastikas? Why??

    • Jagoda Czop

      Jagoda Czop

      5 giorni fa

      It's historical reenactment clothing, nothing to worry about. It's made for educational purposes and actors who play in WW2 themed movies.

    • Jenna Siek

      Jenna Siek

      6 giorni fa

      wuh that's weird

  • Melissa


    7 giorni fa

    Ear muffs and the outfits look great!

  • Wine Punk

    Wine Punk

    7 giorni fa

    Take the boots to a cobbler. They can rebuild it.

  • Ruthie Jo Carpenter

    Ruthie Jo Carpenter

    7 giorni fa

    Sooooo.... Now we need a "The Karolina Boot" collaboration with American Duchess.

  • C Mays

    C Mays

    7 giorni fa

    LOVE the two snowsuits!! Wow!!

  • CakeCyborg


    7 giorni fa

    I hope to help pay your rent because I love everything you wear

  • It's Just Fashion

    It's Just Fashion

    7 giorni fa

    Cute and practical ❤

  • TXGoddess02


    7 giorni fa

    Since you love those boots you might take them to a shoe repair place and they might be able to fix them. You might be able to talk to the shoe repair person and they might know someone who can recreate a pair of winter boots for you. This way they will fit perfectly and be exactly what you want to look like but include some modern safety soles.

  • D J

    D J

    7 giorni fa

    Could you possibly do a video about vintage shopping in Poland? I'm based in Warsaw and have found a few thrift shops (I don't know what the chain is called that i visit, it just comes up as odzież używana whenever i type it in. It's the place that charged 4zl on Saturdays!). I'd just love to know if there are any tricks that i need!

  • Aimee


    7 giorni fa

    That SNOW SUIT. Christ I love it. And I am a paratrooper. So. :P

  • Maas Bekooy

    Maas Bekooy

    7 giorni fa

    This intro
    I perfect

    • Maas Bekooy

      Maas Bekooy

      7 giorni fa

      7:56 is too

  • Marymation


    7 giorni fa

    Looks more like autumn outfits for me (hi from Moscow)

  • Oi Duffy! What's the hurry?

    Oi Duffy! What's the hurry?

    7 giorni fa

    you looked like a paratrooper. First suit looks exactly like a British World War II battledress :D

  • Nickie Hundevadt

    Nickie Hundevadt

    7 giorni fa


  • Loly fox

    Loly fox

    7 giorni fa

    Is it me or the last one gives off Oscar Wilde's vibes? I just feel it

  • Kate FX

    Kate FX

    7 giorni fa

    You may THINK winter is almost over. I'd beg to differ. Living in balmy, sub zero Texas US

  • Elena Pereira

    Elena Pereira

    7 giorni fa

    Wool is the warmest! I got a beautiful but expensive men's wool car coat from Bonobos ($450 originally, now down to final sale $200) and it's my favorite.

  • low level sorcery

    low level sorcery

    7 giorni fa

    despite not being a woman that wants to wear vintage clothing, your video about how Victorian women stayed warm was actually super helpful, layering is key. thanks! :)

  • Maria Glam Arce Lagos

    Maria Glam Arce Lagos

    7 giorni fa

    3:40 Girl you invented female breeches

  • Sarah Ellis

    Sarah Ellis

    7 giorni fa

    *Applauds in Canadian*

  • drawfastdieyoung


    7 giorni fa

    Have a look at jobearboots on Instagram for Boots. Also Vecona Vintage for Plus Fours. Not meant as advertising but a recommendation since you asked.

  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

    7 giorni fa

    OH MY GOD that snowsuit 😍

  • acorn


    7 giorni fa

    time to go shopping

  • Kayti Thorn

    Kayti Thorn

    7 giorni fa

    As someone from the southeastern US where our lowest temps are 3C for a few weeks of the year and it snows a few cm once every few years, I appreciate this winter escapism.

  • Deni Junior

    Deni Junior

    7 giorni fa

    here in Brazil, it's a challeng to dress vintage in summer. actually, it is a challenge to be dressed at all in summer

  • SarahBurner


    7 giorni fa

    boots: look into riding boots, there are winter ones that are laced :3 they just have a bad sole, they could be replaced though

  • nommh


    7 giorni fa

    That deadstock ski suit is incredible! I’m so in love with your sense of humour.

  • Diamond


    8 giorni fa

    I love winter outfits

  • Dori Kadlubowsky

    Dori Kadlubowsky

    8 giorni fa

    French resistance from Allo allo? :D