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Pubblicato il 2 dic 2020
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thanks to everyone submitting stuff! make sure to check out the #makemememomintoameme hashtag here and on Instagram to give some love to the original submissions ❤️ also enjoy an exclusive look at my ITload recommendations 🙃 also there are several editing mistakes in this one but I can't be arsed
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Karolina Żebrowska

    Karolina Żebrowska

    2 mesi fa

    unfortunately not all submissions made it to this video because it was already 385940 hours long, so make sure to check out the hashtag to see the rest! here are two gems that I think very much deserve to be seen:
    1) this one that I had to get rid of because copyright:
    2) and this one that YouTube refused to show me for some reason:

    • Leo Taylor

      Leo Taylor

      27 giorni fa


    • Din Djarum

      Din Djarum

      Mese fa

      Yup. You're a Time Lord from Gallifrey. You are not human at all. Hi...nice to meet you again for the first time.

    • MandaLa 314

      MandaLa 314

      2 mesi fa

      i thought Karolina spoke so quietly in her early videos because she was shy and just became more outgoing over time! hehe she just had flatmates

    • Radish Rabbit

      Radish Rabbit

      2 mesi fa

      Can you make a video about how 1960s fashion was different then you think?

    • Emiline


      2 mesi fa

      Great profile picture I have to say it's pretty fabulous

  • Emilia Wolin

    Emilia Wolin

    Giorno fa

    Znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał i się poplakałam ze śmiechu

  • QueenShireen


    2 giorni fa

    Tight suit on those superheroes is for practical reasons I think mostly.
    Edit : Waited did she say she dated last time in 1894? XD

  • Wixa


    5 giorni fa

    Damn white YouTube

  • Sarah Hunter

    Sarah Hunter

    6 giorni fa

    The "Can I go to the bathroom" "I don't know, can you?" thing is teachers being smart butts and hating on kids who said 'can' when the correct word is 'may'. At my school they made us also call it a restroom because "there is no bath in the restroom", but I'm like, "also there is no way to rest", so I don't know.

  • Nad Burghard

    Nad Burghard

    7 giorni fa

    when znowu jakiś pidżon przyleciał

  • icedragonair


    12 giorni fa

    The 1930s shoes video ruined my life. I already had trouble finding shoes other than riding boot like shoes that i liked. Then i saw that video, and now i know that heels i not only LIKE, but would litteraly kill for existed. BUT I CANT HAVE THEMMMMMMMMM

  • AudioGardenSlave


    12 giorni fa

    A disclaimed Pepe is no Pepe at all.

  • Tomas Byrom

    Tomas Byrom

    13 giorni fa

    RE Teachers and bathroom breaks. It isn't that we think students are going to do anything wrong. It's that we also need to pee and can't leave the room.

  • Ralsei


    13 giorni fa

    So your are Polish
    me too hah
    im med on this chanell

  • kraols


    13 giorni fa

    in the primary school, during the long break, there used to be some kids hiding in the bathroom just to not go out for the break. i suppose some kids were also smoking some weird stuff etc. so yes, teachers visit bathrooms way too frequently

  • Ross Albatross

    Ross Albatross

    16 giorni fa

    I'm sorry but why is she pretending to be from this century. She was clearly reincarnated

  • KDR123


    16 giorni fa

    "znowu jakiś *pidżon* przyleciał" zabiłaś mnie XDD

  • TO1


    16 giorni fa


  • sebastian banguis

    sebastian banguis

    17 giorni fa

    Someone needs to make an "Excuse me, you will not disrespect _________ in front of me" meme

  • Jar Jar

    Jar Jar

    17 giorni fa

    Why do you look british

  • chaos lord

    chaos lord

    17 giorni fa


  • Nandini Sivakumar

    Nandini Sivakumar

    18 giorni fa

    “Did you know March is in 3 months?”
    _every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes_

  • Shion


    18 giorni fa

    15:40 omg same

  • ItsLiya_UwU


    18 giorni fa

    The fact she didn't put the videos on big screen tho 👁👄👁

  • Drift 3.1415

    Drift 3.1415

    19 giorni fa

    Butts were usually elbow limbs

  • Bine Reichenbach

    Bine Reichenbach

    19 giorni fa

    My mother told a friend of mine that I like classic movies (like Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the wizard of oz) he then gifted me Titanic for my birthday...

  • White Castle Hill

    White Castle Hill

    20 giorni fa

    Predicted Resident Evil. Maybe the creators of this game took inspiration from Her channel, hmmmm.



    20 giorni fa

    make a meme channel please

  • Pretty original name Pretty original last-name

    Pretty original name Pretty original last-name

    21 giorno fa

    Plot twist she actually is a time traveller

  • Ella Yami

    Ella Yami

    21 giorno fa

    12:22 when I was still in school our teachers always told us 'because you'll be missing what I just explained and I don't want to explain it again' basically in short, they are lazy to re-explain

  • mfon obot

    mfon obot

    21 giorno fa

    When teachers ask can you? They are implying you should replace "can" with "may".

  • Typo_Kimg_Koi


    21 giorno fa

    "Oh, znowu jakiś pigeon przeleciał." is the most accurate representation of how my half Polish half English brain works-
    Kiedy jesteś z Polski ale jednak sike Englisz brain

  • Feya Pearlhoof

    Feya Pearlhoof

    21 giorno fa

    Żebroska is cool

  • Grils Onderdebrug

    Grils Onderdebrug

    22 giorni fa

    I think almost NOBODY found her on pinterest. I did.....

  • Ly:bInhn DhInhm:Ateidr

    Ly:bInhn DhInhm:Ateidr

    22 giorni fa

    You did that English accent pretty well in my opinion.

  • José Carlos da Câmara

    José Carlos da Câmara

    22 giorni fa

    You are 1970

  • Trav Pots

    Trav Pots

    23 giorni fa

    Good job

  • Veruvados


    23 giorni fa

    cool marie curie is enjoying 2020

  • tiger kat!

    tiger kat!

    23 giorni fa


  • Fanfiction Reads

    Fanfiction Reads

    23 giorni fa

    I did the same thing with the kindergarten thing!! Just kept nagging until she let me go lmao

  • Agnieszka Płoskonka

    Agnieszka Płoskonka

    23 giorni fa

    The fact she is polish makes me so much happier

  • Slacker Umaruchan

    Slacker Umaruchan

    24 giorni fa

    Her hair looks so like Anne frank

  • olivia grace

    olivia grace

    24 giorni fa

    God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the Son of God and died on a cross for our sins! God is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus Christ from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and live for Jesus as He died for you! Trust God!! 🥰✨

  • lalaithgilanna


    25 giorni fa

    Awww man, if I had just followed you sooner, I could have made you some memes! Might anyway though....
    Had to cover my mouth at work, omg I was laugh-crying. Great job everyone!!

  • Kanna Kobayashi

    Kanna Kobayashi

    25 giorni fa

    Pov: Jesteś z Polski i szukasz polskiego komentarza, po tym jak zobaczyłeś nazwę kanału.



      23 giorni fa


  • Blue Shell

    Blue Shell

    25 giorni fa

    Something about watching Karolina activates all my remaining three brain cells at a time, making it possible to form coherent thoughts

  • Blue Shell

    Blue Shell

    25 giorni fa

    You remind me of FakeGamerGirl or Steph0sims.
    In absolutely the most positive of ways, let that be known.

  • Lorna M

    Lorna M

    26 giorni fa

    22:59 that looks like an oblivion screenshot X3

  • Nicholas Salazar

    Nicholas Salazar

    26 giorni fa

    8:59 ngl that is a classic Gen-Z meme

  • Maya Gordon

    Maya Gordon

    26 giorni fa

    How old are you? Not to be rude

  • Lena Dunaszewska

    Lena Dunaszewska

    26 giorni fa

    Uśmiałam się

  • GamingNews


    26 giorni fa


  • PrincessSixThirteen


    27 giorni fa

    I didn't see an answer for this question, so here you go:
    Superhero fashion was set by Superman. He was given his flamboyant costume by his creators in part due to the printing process at the time. It was meant to invoke a circus strongman aesthetic, the tights and leotard to show off the muscles, combined with a romantic hero, hence the cape. The underwear on the outside is a design choice to break up the flat color plane of the body. And since we all know why just cutting things off at the waist is a bad idea.....

  • Vixxie32


    27 giorni fa

    Karolina... beautiful name. But i have... bad memories with a girl named Karolina. I always was calling her my vixen or Caroline. In english it sounds so classy. Too bad she abandoned me, left me alone... Now she is in Shwitzerland (or how that was). Gladly im not angry because of that break up with her. Im happy she showed me what love means. Karolina... really beautiful name. Reminds me of love, happines but also of sadness and betray. I should be sleeping. But instead I found another polish youtuber making videos in english for more people than only polish viewers. I dont know why im telling this. But im happy im there. You seem to be better Caroline than my ex... I think im gonna subscribe. Also im from Poland. I like polish names that can be spelled in english. I hate my real name... Im a trans girl and i want be Sylwia... but life force me to be Zbyszek... I hate that name. Not only because its a boy name but its too polish. How i can spell that in english? Sylwia yes, can be spelled Sylvia but... no. Im not gonna say that name again. So goodnight, and have this sub and like from me. I hope it makes you a little bit happier. Life suck and people need many small things to feel better. Goodnight. You gained new viewer tonight

  • ri2p.


    28 giorni fa

    13:03 I seriously read it as "Husband" until meme mom pointed it out as "Handbag" 😂

  • TailsPlay


    28 giorni fa

    The first video was uploaded on my birthday. Nice

  • Hailey McCurry

    Hailey McCurry

    28 giorni fa

    its actually almost february :(

  • Sammfyre Persephone

    Sammfyre Persephone

    29 giorni fa

    Please for the love of doge watch the Titanic

  • Crowicked One

    Crowicked One

    Mese fa

    Śmieszno Śmieszno

  • Vy K

    Vy K

    Mese fa


  • Amelia


    Mese fa

    jesteś Polką?

    • Po prostu Jajco

      Po prostu Jajco

      29 giorni fa

      Tak ona jest PO nazwisku nie skumałaś?

  • dionysus games

    dionysus games

    Mese fa

    Oh I know the answer. They think for some reason using the bathroom is disrespectful

  • Aileen Sabanal

    Aileen Sabanal

    Mese fa

    I died laughing

  • sophie


    Mese fa

    omg i've only ever seen the first half of titanic. have i found my other half?

  • Le Tin Cu

    Le Tin Cu

    Mese fa

    Karolina: 1840s but make it this colour pallete like it's just a movie
    Me: says the woman who says everything should be accurate

  • MrMonster552


    Mese fa

    This showed up on my recomended randomly and I'm so confused

  • y'all can't believe this

    y'all can't believe this

    Mese fa

    a grand 12 seconds into the video and i'm already wondering if she's immortal.

  • Malus Darkblade

    Malus Darkblade

    Mese fa

    Polish Geralt Pepe is greatest Pepe.

  • wtf is that

    wtf is that

    Mese fa

    When she said: "hi fellow 21st century humans"
    I felt that

  • paco ramon

    paco ramon

    Mese fa

    She looks like a woman from the XIX century.

  • Elsa Leticia

    Elsa Leticia

    Mese fa

    I like you. Suscrita.!

  • rory gilmore

    rory gilmore

    Mese fa

    karolina you look like queen elizabeth in the 1940s 😍

  • Senzinio


    Mese fa

    2:00 THIS TIME?!?!?!?

  • Ramen Artist

    Ramen Artist

    Mese fa

    who are you?

  • TGPH Teaching Fanatic

    TGPH Teaching Fanatic

    Mese fa

    Hello, I'm an American teacher and can explain the bathroom thing for at least America. Our kids don't want to learn more often than not and just want to get out of class. Other reasons include one kid asking, you let them go, then the whole class needs to suddenly go. The reason at MY crooked school is that our principal (aka a giant bitch who doesn't deserve her job, we all hate her guts) says when our students ask to go to the bathroom she blames it on us for either not teaching or not managing behavior. She then gives us write ups (disciplinary action) for letting them go too much or too little and they have accidents. All of the teachers in my school hate our principal. But yeah, that about covers it for America 🇺🇸🙄

  • H G

    H G

    Mese fa

    The Pepe Frog was never a “Nazi” symbol. It was a way to troll people and it obviously worked. Love the content.

  • Amy Lynn Hunt

    Amy Lynn Hunt

    Mese fa

    Keep not watching "Titanic"
    My Dad was such a fan of the history, the ship, saw the movie and quit it all! It was so sad, he put away his books about Titanic, just ... now it sounds stupid. It was kind of stupid. :)

  • Chiara disperata

    Chiara disperata

    Mese fa

    Imagine future historians getting upset actors in movies set in 2020/2021 are not wearing masks

  • Julia Francone

    Julia Francone

    Mese fa

    oh there is tomfoolery in the bathrooms and it is always the same students lol

  • Kavi Weaver

    Kavi Weaver

    Mese fa

    That baby Yoda meme YES. the ONLY b.y. meme Allowed

  • I am definitely Celeste

    I am definitely Celeste

    Mese fa

    (22:13) Me watching on the toilet: 👀

  • Ruoshui Liu

    Ruoshui Liu

    Mese fa

    The first person was actually really good though

  • Leila Jaafari

    Leila Jaafari

    Mese fa

    Thank u for talking about ur bookish opinions! I loved Jane eyre!

  • Gonçalo Cordeiro

    Gonçalo Cordeiro

    Mese fa

    "It's the first of december you know what that means"
    yes destroy di- "it's time for a meme review"
    Oh yes, a meme review

  • Elliot


    Mese fa

    as long as you can make us gen Z peeps laugh, ur not that old XD

  • Leyla Suleiman

    Leyla Suleiman

    Mese fa

    As a high school teacher, can confirm that much tomfoolery happens in bathrooms... every time a student goes to the bathroom, there is a very real chance that they won't come back for a variety of suspicious reasons 😬

  • Im an avocado

    Im an avocado

    Mese fa

    “None of us were there” that’s what YOU want us to believe

  • SewardWriter


    Mese fa

    I think the last meme I made ended a series. It went Elf on the Shelf, Link in the Sink, Ash in the Trash, aaaaaand Bilbo Baggins on a giant comedy dildo I bought as a joke. Series: dead by dildo.
    I wish I had made Meme Mom memes now.

  • FaunaUnicorn 80s :D

    FaunaUnicorn 80s :D

    Mese fa

    Modern Person: Since it's the modern era, nobody wears corsets anymore but there are Egirls, VSCO, and Soft Girls
    Karolina Zebrowska: Hold my beer!
    Person: Am I a joke to you?

  • Annemarie Valliere

    Annemarie Valliere

    Mese fa

    You are just. adorable. I think you should just give up and be my bff lolz. Also could you not just get your own tv show please?

  • Tamara Borisova

    Tamara Borisova

    Mese fa

    On the topic of teachers and toilets: one of my students left and never came back to the lesson. Left his bag and his stuff, too.
    That is more of a funny story though, I don't forbid going to toilet not before and not after that experience.

  • Alduin


    Mese fa

    LMAOOOOO i thought it said
    "have you heard of the hight elfs?"

  • abir haddad

    abir haddad

    Mese fa

    are we not going to talk about "my nudes" link in the description because i laughed way too long about it HAHAHHA THE CATTTT I CANTTT

    • Mme. Veronica

      Mme. Veronica

      28 giorni fa

      That is one photogenic cat

  • Erika Evasiuk

    Erika Evasiuk

    Mese fa

    Can you add the links to the videos or channels in the description please meme mommy

  • Evelyn Kinson

    Evelyn Kinson

    Mese fa

    Why do I wish this woman was my quirky aunt?

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

    Mese fa

    17:50 6 and 9 ;-;

  • Pigsinblankets


    Mese fa


  • Mya Wong - MRH Student

    Mya Wong - MRH Student

    Mese fa

    Does your mom ever come into your room to tell you to go to sleep but ends up giving you a hug, but when she does you smell fast food on her breath, then you chase after her laughing and screaming “give me the fries”. And you have a food addiction, and you haven’t had fast food in 2 months.

  • Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    Mese fa

    Are you on kims convenience? You look exactly like the manager

    • Michael Scott

      Michael Scott

      28 giorni fa

      @Mme. Veronica facts

    • Mme. Veronica

      Mme. Veronica

      28 giorni fa

      She's Polish... she doesn't live on the continent it's filmed on

  • Madison B

    Madison B

    Mese fa

    The way you edit your videos makes my day. Honestly I ugly-cackle every time at the meme references. "Oh no SaaaarAH"

  • Piotr Orlikowski

    Piotr Orlikowski

    Mese fa

    Moja mama jest nauczycielką i wytłumaczyła, że z tą toaletą chodzi o to że nauczyciele są odpowiedzialni za uczniów a jak idą/są w toalecie to są niewidziane. Myśleć można że dziecko nic nie zrobi ale u nas brali kupę w papier i smarowali nią ściany kabiny wię

  • Mintywillow the Medicine Cat

    Mintywillow the Medicine Cat

    Mese fa

    *Karolina:* what are the chances of tomfoolery in the bathrooms?
    *My school, where you could walk into a bathroom and see four people vaping in the same stall:* allow me to introduce myself

  • vivisorangehair _

    vivisorangehair _

    Mese fa

    Please don't use the sorts of memes in the title they involvr anti semitism

  • KAREfree


    Mese fa

    the empty bottle ruins the picture.
    no hon. thats the point.