your favorite beauty guru but it's 1588

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2020
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tell me you did not come here for the Book of Wonders recipe 👁️👄👁️
sorry, the sound is terrible
also people knowledgable in Elizabethan costuming don't come at me, I made this outfit in a day
"Renaissance" by
"Master of the Feast" by Kevin MacLeod
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • Karolina Żebrowska

    Karolina Żebrowska

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    again thanks a lot to Nicholas Sampforde and son, the shipwrights, for sponsoring today's video 🙏 be sure to check them out

    • little white dog

      little white dog

      7 giorni fa

      @Annette Leggett FYI they do free upgrades.

    • Hridakshi Pareek

      Hridakshi Pareek

      14 giorni fa

      The white galleon was surprisingly much better than my expectations. 10/10 would recommend.

    • Rolf S

      Rolf S

      19 giorni fa

      I'm disappointed you didn't actually put a link to the Book of Wonders in the description.

    • Cake


      29 giorni fa

      i feek=l you

    • Riddhi Chopra

      Riddhi Chopra

      Mese fa

      Guru is a hindi/sanskrit word and ancient Europeans thought of Indians as inferior, they would never use that word

  • Audrey S.

    Audrey S.

    21 minuto fa

    I cant stop watching this

  • Elsa


    2 ore fa

    Hey! Could you like send me some vermilion... like i couldn't even find any cause of the bubonic plague, I love your makeup so wanted to try it. If you could send some i would be delighted!

  • Jamie Pop

    Jamie Pop

    5 giorni fa

    Why am I just finding this channel now 😂😭

  • Corryn Hockney

    Corryn Hockney

    6 giorni fa

    This would help historians a ton if it was real.

  • samuel haze

    samuel haze

    6 giorni fa

    Lies. You didn't put link in description. 🤣

  • samuel haze

    samuel haze

    6 giorni fa

    Lies. You didn't put link in description. 🤣

  • Ashlyn Wanderer

    Ashlyn Wanderer

    8 giorni fa

    wait... veiny chests were desired???

  • The Cultured One

    The Cultured One

    9 giorni fa

    Does safflower based rouge work as well as vermillion based rouge? I've tried making it myself, but it seems a bit paler in comparison.

  • Putri


    9 giorni fa

    You should've used henna if you want to dye your hair like the queen!

  • ᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱ

    ᛊᛏᛖᚠᚠᛖᚾ ᚹᛁᛞᛗᚨᛁᛖᚱ

    11 giorni fa

    Damn. I'm really catching myself into that Christian "white skin = angels"-mindset, seeing a beautiful, young lady rocking it...

  • Varian


    11 giorni fa

    You are so pretty

  • Karma Cuisine

    Karma Cuisine

    11 giorni fa


  • Karma Cuisine

    Karma Cuisine

    11 giorni fa

    Shout out to your Sponsor😂💦🙌

  • intl_bohemian


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    Omg urine?! Wut?

  • JYKW2606


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    I came to say: yes i did check your description for the link

  • Илья Подшивалов

    Илья Подшивалов

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    I used to watch your videos before and then I realized that I don't notice your videos in my recommendations. So then when I tried to find you I struggled with channel name. Finally, I found the channel by "meme mom" query. All the best to you. You are the best fashion blogger I have ever seen

  • Oriana


    12 giorni fa

    lool because I like history and you look like my cousin

  • Oriana


    12 giorni fa

    I like this

  • Jacob O'Leary

    Jacob O'Leary

    13 giorni fa

    just going to assume/hope that white pigment isn't actually lead-based

  • Drift 3.1415

    Drift 3.1415

    15 giorni fa

    Toxic makeup



    16 giorni fa

    She didnt link the Book of Wonder :(

  • Denva


    16 giorni fa

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, I needed this tutorial. Blessings on your family 🙏

  • Arus Irham

    Arus Irham

    16 giorni fa

    Ruby Granger?

  • nonsameer


    16 giorni fa

    Did she say urine to die hair?

  • Paulina Nowak

    Paulina Nowak

    16 giorni fa

    the sponsorship part tho- ✋💀💀

  • mvictorian z

    mvictorian z

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    this video is too gud

  • FutureHH


    17 giorni fa

    i can't believe we're almost in the seventeen century

  • Fredka


    17 giorni fa

    not me actually searching the link for that book of wonders...

  • aurelia eavum

    aurelia eavum

    18 giorni fa

    I will be using this method for the rest of my life.

  • Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

    Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

    18 giorni fa

    Karolina: "Ureen"

    jk I've just found your content and I'm already hooked

  • No Context

    No Context

    19 giorni fa

    The "sponsor" plug. 🤣

  • sofia


    19 giorni fa

    yes, I looked for the book of wonders in the description and was completely fooled :_)



    19 giorni fa

    😂😂 these videos are legit making my morning. I could watch these all day instead of going to my college classes 😂😂

  • Deadpool


    20 giorni fa

    If you wanna have a copy of the book of wonders, I'll link it in the description below.
    ME: Looks at the description 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Sheik Parvaiz

      Sheik Parvaiz

      19 giorni fa

      Wow do you want a ship lol

  • Akira eats guitar picks

    Akira eats guitar picks

    20 giorni fa

    Huh so that’s how clowns get their makeup

  • Thonglunpao Papao Baite

    Thonglunpao Papao Baite

    21 giorno fa

    This is fake. There couldn't have been a camera capable of capturing with such quality back then

    • Ananya Viswanathan

      Ananya Viswanathan

      12 giorni fa


  • Ridhima Dwivedi

    Ridhima Dwivedi

    21 giorno fa

    This is the first time I didn't skip the sponsor part

  • Katherine Buescher

    Katherine Buescher

    21 giorno fa

    ugh i got kicked out of church for following your tutorial and my husband Thomas was not happy with me

  • Katie M

    Katie M

    22 giorni fa

    "No one would **spill the wine** on the recipes"😂😂

  • James McGrath

    James McGrath

    22 giorni fa

    I prefer using ruam and berries like my forefathers. I swear these new English trends will never catch on here in Ireland

  • wings of despair

    wings of despair

    23 giorni fa

    this comment section is pure gold, like, it's transporting me to alternate universe

  • mushroom ig

    mushroom ig

    23 giorni fa

    Yes😭 i did come here for the book of wonders😭😭

  • SoulPrints


    25 giorni fa

    The best beauty tutorial ever seen !!! 💯💯

  • Tanya Kucey

    Tanya Kucey

    26 giorni fa

    the beauty blogger poses at the end.... I can't..

  • Harry


    26 giorni fa

    This is brilliant, the sponsor bit is legit inspired

  • nadlisse


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    if youtube existed in the 16th century

  • LaShondra Miller

    LaShondra Miller

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    If i dont have anything nice to say......👀

  • Benjamin Smus

    Benjamin Smus

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    If this is the sort of job you can do with an arts degree, I’m in!

  • Tylaah Whylaah

    Tylaah Whylaah

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    Tysm for the coupon code this saved me tons of $$

  • Maria Giroux

    Maria Giroux

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    queen inspired makeup😭😭😭😭😭im screaming

  • Martha Slomp

    Martha Slomp

    27 giorni fa

    Looked for a bridgerton review, your channel popped up, now I can't get enough

  • Natasha Zeligs

    Natasha Zeligs

    27 giorni fa

    Wonderful, and you look so healthy!

  • Free Spirit

    Free Spirit

    27 giorni fa

    This is excellent.
    Clever and funny, not to mention the fact I can now get rid of my urine stock, no use.

  • Peekaboo, It's Eroo!

    Peekaboo, It's Eroo!

    27 giorni fa


  • Mikhaela Krichel

    Mikhaela Krichel

    27 giorni fa

    i seriously went to the description for the book of wonders' link : (

  • Cinnay


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    Internet Explorer?

  • Choco Bell

    Choco Bell

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    This comment section is perfect.

  • Miles Morales

    Miles Morales

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    Tbh, I really checked the description for the book

  • dp.asks


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    So extra!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ivy Silver

    Ivy Silver

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    I just wanna show some appreciation for this fabulous comment section 😂

  • Leah R.

    Leah R.

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    ugggh i cant find any led powder anywhere 😫

  • lofi beast

    lofi beast

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    • lofi beast

      lofi beast

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      @J.J. Liu yup! lmao welcome to purgatory, we have cookies and drinks in the back, help yourself

    • J.J. Liu

      J.J. Liu

      27 giorni fa

      Jesus Christ what the hell are these replies, I feel like I’m in purgatory

    • Choco Bell

      Choco Bell

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      @lofi beast YAY

    • lofi beast

      lofi beast

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      @Choco Bell FACTS

    • Choco Bell

      Choco Bell

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  • David Freeman

    David Freeman

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    I was so interested in your “ad” 😂😂 If only real ones were that cool

  • Aurora Beam

    Aurora Beam

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    That sponsor tho 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Michael Wilberton

    Michael Wilberton

    29 giorni fa

    2/10 no bloodletting. Truly the most efficient way for natural pale skin!

  • Junie


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    I too use pee to dye my hair.

  • Madeleine Runyan

    Madeleine Runyan

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    I lost it when the sponsor came on. Lol

  • Krafting with Kendall

    Krafting with Kendall

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    I certenly did not go to the discription for the book of wonders.......definitely..........yeah.

  • Abigail Neely

    Abigail Neely

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    Oh my goodness, you're trying to imitate a--a--a protestant?! May God have mercy on your soul

  • just a crow

    just a crow

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    If anyone needs urine to bleach their hair, I can provide fresh product at customer's home. First sample free.

  • Jen Diamond

    Jen Diamond

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    You are brilliant. I loved this. Thanks for actually making me LOL.

  • lizzfrmhon


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    Hilarious. You just missed a bit of the drama “SSsoooo I wanted to discuss some comments that another beauty guru said that I said but it’s totally untrue I mean if I wanted to expose said person which I will not name today but this person knows what they did... “

  • Nicolás


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    Ok I've just discovered this channel. How can I ask this woman's father for her hand with absolutely no interest in her consent?

  • fundifferent1


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    she's so funny 😂

  • Abstract_Addison


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    Oh my god you look so pretty! You know, after I’m done huffing this toilet to avoid the plague, I think I’ll give this makeup look a try!

  • Bob Loblaw

    Bob Loblaw

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    you can hardly feel the lead **coughs out tooth**

  • Megan Kirshbaum

    Megan Kirshbaum

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    Best Beautube content EVER.

  • anabellik


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    I love vermillion, the best ones contain more mercury than the others, so I'd definitely recommend looking for some good stuff.

  • Morgana Devina

    Morgana Devina

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    Lol. And I like the sponsorship.

  • Syazwani Shukri

    Syazwani Shukri

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    The fact that I really went to desc to see if the book of wonder is real only to be disappointed 🤣

  • pastelllie


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    “We are going to do something requested by the ladies at Church.”
    Me: yass

  • Martin Mowbray

    Martin Mowbray

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  • Jukebox


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    Ariana Ndini

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    The sponsor 😂

  • Kevin Degnan

    Kevin Degnan

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    Uh, that GLORIANA code didn't work. I want my discounted galleon! :D Loving this video!! Solid sense of humor and history! :)



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    “no one would spill the wine on the recipes” lmao

  • Dine Tulop

    Dine Tulop

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    i need this

  • Evi Plays

    Evi Plays

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    Where's the link for the Book of Wonder?

  • Chris Wielink

    Chris Wielink

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    So like... I am totally new here so let me know if I am completely not getting this, but this isn't actual lead-based make-up right?

  • Sophie Charron-Groulx

    Sophie Charron-Groulx

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    took a sip of coffee right before the "i know some wenches..." bit. regreted it.



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    i actually went to the description box for the book of wonders hahahahhahahha

  • Julianne Pyron

    Julianne Pyron

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    see you next year...
    or NOT! 😝

  • Kat


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    Tbh this would have been the best timeline

  • M Power

    M Power

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    "spilled the wine on the recipes" i was gonna say but they had tea but they didnt really have tea until the 18th century supposedly so damn congrats on historical accuracy

  • Ashley McCready

    Ashley McCready

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 A+ content, you remembered the lead foundation 😃
    "Kicked out from your local church" 😂

  • Arushi Brahma

    Arushi Brahma

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    She needs to teach history in my school

  • Ramerjam


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    Who's watching this in 1666
    Update: there is a fire here help!!!

  • Charlie phelps

    Charlie phelps

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    We need to see more venetian ceruse in period dramas!

  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

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    Lead in beauty products could be the new thing in the 21st century. ;-) I was thinking of a getting a couple galleons to flaunt my new wealth. Thanks