how people be acting when they find out you're left-handed

Pubblicato il 5 nov 2020
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so here's a 100% accurate reenactment of everyday life of a left-handed person
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Karolina Żebrowska
  • WhiteCamry


    7 giorni fa

    Paul McCartney notwithstanding?

  • Tammi M

    Tammi M

    14 giorni fa

    This was hilariously accurate. It is really interesting how so many right-handers react this way. Although on a more negative note, I have on quite a few occasions (typically older) people question why my parents didn't 'correct' that habit. I think I've looked up that supposedly it was a superstition of some kind, like a bad omen. I don't recall. Still, funny enough left-handers are pretty common now. I currently work with four (not including myself). Anyways back to the video, hilarious and the reaction of astonishment and mind-blown was so good! Have definitely experienced that! :D

  • Syl Verr

    Syl Verr

    16 giorni fa

    “yOu HoLD yOuR HaNd wEiRd” 🙄

  • Grey Wood

    Grey Wood

    16 giorni fa

    this is 100% accurate

  • Harly McQuistino

    Harly McQuistino

    16 giorni fa

    so your telling me- there is only 243,769 people in this world that are left handed...

  • Kathleen LaJeunesse

    Kathleen LaJeunesse

    16 giorni fa

    I’m disappointed this wasn’t a rant about how she’s possessed by evil spirits and needs to be cleansed and forced to use her right hand for the rest of her life

  • Anita Szucs

    Anita Szucs

    17 giorni fa

    True. Like it's like I'm asking how do you do that whit you're right hand? It's the sma efor both handedness bcouse us lefties don't know how fighties use their right hand and fighties don't know how lefties use their left hand. Get it now?

  • simpleminded1uk


    17 giorni fa

    Wait until they see you holding a fiddle!

  • Moritz B.

    Moritz B.

    19 giorni fa

    my dad every time i cut a slice off the bread in front of him

  • Ruza Hel

    Ruza Hel

    19 giorni fa

    There’s always one or two lefties in my class and at work so it’s not really surprising. But how do dominant hand/arm work. It’s so weird.

  • Holret


    20 giorni fa

    When I find out someone is left handed:
    "Im so, so sorry!"

  • Judi Sutherland

    Judi Sutherland

    21 giorno fa

    All the best people are left handed. Technical and creative.

  • Free Spirit

    Free Spirit

    21 giorno fa

    I didn't know people could be so weird on this. I noticed myself that my 3 nephews happened to be left handed. I wondered about hereditary, because I am right handed for writing, but sometimes can't help using my left side for other tasks.

  • Simwin Cloudscratsher

    Simwin Cloudscratsher

    21 giorno fa

    haha pain

  • Daneille Saunders

    Daneille Saunders

    23 giorni fa

    People always ask me if I'm left handed
    But I'm not 😐

  • johnson543


    23 giorni fa

    I always felt proud being a lefty simply because my cursive writing is better than most. Since 1994.

  • Flying Spaghetti

    Flying Spaghetti

    23 giorni fa

    I walk the left hand path.



    24 giorni fa

    I am ambidextrous 😊

  • void1984


    24 giorni fa

    I call them sinister.

  • Henriette Linkshänderin

    Henriette Linkshänderin

    25 giorni fa

    Actually I never experienced people acting weird when they realised that I'm left-handed. But when I had to use some tool that was made for right-handed people ("normal people") and I said that I could not use it, they told me: "Well, just use your right hand!"
    Yeah, sure...

  • Wendy From Gravity Falls

    Wendy From Gravity Falls

    26 giorni fa

    "one in every six people"
    Me being the only left handed person in a family of six: 👁️👄👁️

  • YourLocal Weeb

    YourLocal Weeb

    26 giorni fa

    I- whats so special about being left handed- I don't get it I mean I STILL CAN WRITHE

  • Sitting Still

    Sitting Still

    27 giorni fa


  • Melissa Chalker

    Melissa Chalker

    27 giorni fa

    I'm a leftie and I love finding people like me!

  • April Smith

    April Smith

    27 giorni fa


    • April Smith

      April Smith

      27 giorni fa

      Sorry I yelled.

  • Luke Marshall

    Luke Marshall

    27 giorni fa

    A lot of lefties in the comments: I keep smudging my handwriting! >:(
    The inconvenient truth: Stop dragging your hand through the ink then! XD You should hold your pen facing upwards, so your hand glides under the line that you're writing. While you're at it, please stop the weird reversed hooked wrist grip thing; you'll get carpal tunnel. ;)
    Source: me, a rightie who learned to write with my left hand too.

  • Lennart Regebro

    Lennart Regebro

    28 giorni fa

    I'm like: There were two left handed people in my class... Are people surprised?! It's like going "Wow, wait what you have RED HAIR!"?

  • Lukos0036


    28 giorni fa

    I had a teacher in the 3rd grade try to force me to write right handed, wouldnt accept any work done left handed and would berate me for it. People are ball slappingly stupid.

  • Sharon Podesta

    Sharon Podesta

    28 giorni fa

    Random middle-aged man literally anywhere: "Ooooohhh a SOUTHPAW eh?!"

  • dancer Zofia Rybak

    dancer Zofia Rybak

    28 giorni fa

    My leworęczni, jak my to robimy? Jesteśmy niesamowici :O !Jestem leworęczna, gdy byłam mała byłam obu ręczna, a teraz prawą całkiem nieźle sobie radzę. Ludzie są jak :o

  • NoArtisticLimitation


    Mese fa

    Being ambidextrous, but predominantly left for writing and drawing, I get this a lot XD

  • whylie74


    Mese fa

    My teachers didn't give up trying to make me righthanded until I was about 5 or 6.

  • Angry T-REX

    Angry T-REX

    Mese fa

    If people really acted like that I’d be pretty piss, not gonna lie... since I am a lefty

  • Jenna Carr

    Jenna Carr

    Mese fa


  • Fox Boi Named Ace

    Fox Boi Named Ace

    Mese fa

    I was playing Yahtzee with my family one night, and as I writing down a score, my step-mom goes, "I never noticed you're left-handed."
    I'd technically consider myself ambidextrous but preferring my left because when I was an 8y/o in 2nd grade, I actually broke my right wrist, so I had to force myself to write left-handed because of the cast. For some reason, I just never went back to using my right after that even though I use it for plenty of other things.

  • Katherine Wilson

    Katherine Wilson

    Mese fa

    My friends who already know I'm left-handed: *sees me write* OH MY GOSH YOURE LEFT-HANDED???

    • yanc


      29 giorni fa

      Reading all these comments are making me feel really guilty😶

  • Jean Arlert

    Jean Arlert

    Mese fa

    There are 9 people in my family and only one of us was born right-handed. The rest of us were born left-handed and were only trained to be right-handed while growing up. After me, my family basically got tired of "training" so my 2 younger cousins are still left-handed.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Mese fa

    I write with my left hand, but I left with my right hand.

  • XLoadez


    Mese fa

    you're left handed?
    that's cool

  • Ahmet :]

    Ahmet :]

    Mese fa

    Left-handed men will never find left-handed girls :(

  • sally google smith

    sally google smith

    Mese fa

    I'm a lefty, I was told statistically were more intelligent:)

  • zbyszanna


    Mese fa

    Is that your experience? I mean I guess it's something unusual, especially that we don't really have so many occasions to see people do stuff that would require the use of the main hand today, but are people really that shocked? I mean it might be interesting to learn about differences from one's own perspective but being shocked? I wouldn't have thought that's something that'd actually happen. I know it's an exaggeration, but still.

  • RenneAtha


    Mese fa

    This xDDD

  • Nicole Miami

    Nicole Miami

    Mese fa

    And then when you are ambidextrous oh dear god save us all
    I was never able to write a paper in peace 🤣🥲

  • marika broch'

    marika broch'

    Mese fa

    I'm literally the only right-handed in my family 👁️👄👁️

  • The Shush Variety Channel

    The Shush Variety Channel

    Mese fa

    "My great-aunt's nephew"
    So...your uncle?

  • Jaclyn


    Mese fa

    I get major Aquarius energy from you! when's your bday?!

  • Jaclyn


    Mese fa


  • catilena


    Mese fa

    It's so funny, in my old class we were 5 lefties out of 30, and our teachers lost their mind the first few lessons. I've only ever met 2 left handed men though despite them being more common.

    • catilena


      Mese fa

      Also as someone who's done a bit of martial arts and archery and shooting (with both rifles and guns) it's always funny to suddenly switch because you're taught the right handed way but can still do it left handed.

  • Genevieve Vitale

    Genevieve Vitale

    Mese fa

    When learning to write in 1st grade the teacher kept saying put the pencil in your right hand. Being left i thought I was doing something wrong and followed writing for 6 months with my right hand. My mother attended a teacher conference and asked how is her daughter doing as a lefty. The teacher replied I have no left hand students. The next day I was able to use my left hand. I still use my right hand to cut with scissors.

    • Genevieve Vitale

      Genevieve Vitale

      Mese fa

      BTW every kitchen i have ever built in my housesthe dishwasher is placed to the left of the sink. Trying to load a right side dishwasher is like trying to put your socks on after your shoes are already on.

  • Amzeez Bleep

    Amzeez Bleep

    Mese fa

    Finding a pen that won’t smudge when you’re left handed is UNREAL. It’s just like, OoP there goes my essay

  • Brianna Mercedes

    Brianna Mercedes

    Mese fa

    I'm the only one in my family who's left-handed and has green eyes so everyone is like wOw HoW

  • Candy Rabbit

    Candy Rabbit

    Mese fa

    The only left handed Special thing with my mom and I is sitting on the wrong sides of a booth bumping elbows as we both cut our food.

  • Jonathan OwO

    Jonathan OwO

    Mese fa

    bold of you to assume I know which one left is

  • Grief Forest

    Grief Forest

    Mese fa

    I'm a left-handed guitarist.
    Pro: Nobody is gonna say: May I borrow your guitar?
    Con: There are very few lefty instruments in online shops, in some stores not a single one!

  • Heather Rose

    Heather Rose

    Mese fa

    I'm not even left-handed at all and this is soooooooo annoying XD

  • Jeffrey Hammonds

    Jeffrey Hammonds

    Mese fa

    A lot of times someone finds out I’m left handed they feel the need to tell me someone they know who is also left handed lol

  • •Dreamy Bananas•

    •Dreamy Bananas•

    Mese fa

    I’m left handed ;-;

  • Adri


    Mese fa

    Oh my god yes, as a left handed person yes
    Me: Yeahhhh???

  • Vy Nguyễn Phan An

    Vy Nguyễn Phan An

    Mese fa

    I feel like all ambidextrous are left-handed people who had to learn to use their right hand to fit in, especially when it comes to using tools like scissors, etc.

  • Claudia Cuilbheir

    Claudia Cuilbheir

    Mese fa

    My mom, my brother and I are left-handed. So was my grandma but she was "corrected" by nuns at primary school. It's like a family thing and I love it

  • Patricia M

    Patricia M

    Mese fa

    SO TRUE. Some people even get to the point where they're like screaming at you "that's wrong!"

  • Cali Girl In Costa

    Cali Girl In Costa

    Mese fa

    That was a trip. Do people really make that big of a deal about it? Ha! Very passive aggressive video? Loved it. You have such a very watchable persona. Face. Etc. Are you a trained actress?.

  • Shesvii


    Mese fa

    "Oh wow I didn't know left-handed people could draw this well!"
    "I mean how are you left-handed and your handwriting looks beautiful?"
    I didn't make these up, I've been told both several times.

  • Raisya SK

    Raisya SK

    Mese fa

    I relate this so much 😂

  • Oscar Vazquez Castro yeet

    Oscar Vazquez Castro yeet

    Mese fa

    Kid: are u left handed?!?!!! Me: no I'm just writing with the wrong hand.

  • SweetNSourSue21


    Mese fa

    I’m left handed and to scare people sometimes I say I’m writing with my devil hand lol

  • Melanie Mathews

    Melanie Mathews

    Mese fa

    I like finding lefties that write like I do. My mom tried to switch me from being a leftie (for some reason) and so I don’t write like most lefties. I like being a leftie.

  • Ilsa Tucker

    Ilsa Tucker

    Mese fa

    I'm left-handed and people don't act super weird when they find out but they still are like "oh cool so your left handed...ok then cool" something like that

  • Jhivarr


    Mese fa

    I was forced to be right-handed as a child. Trying to relearn because my right-handwriting is shit. People are very weird about it!

  • Ikenga Spirit

    Ikenga Spirit

    Mese fa


  • Simkiim


    Mese fa

    I am left handed but ppl are always mad at me when I use anything (like scissors) with right hand. Like how can I possibly be so greedy to use the right hand for anything lol.

  • Aromaseraphy Lavender

    Aromaseraphy Lavender

    Mese fa

    Friend: Oh wow you're left handed!?
    Me: We've known each for three years.
    Friend: But I've seen you play games with your right hand. Are you ambidextrous?
    Me: Nearly every game with motion controls are designed for the right hand. It's not hard to hold a controller and a press a button. And no, I'm not.
    Friend: But wow, that's so wierd, you're left handed.
    Me: Nearly 15% of the world is, it's really not that uncommon anymore.

  • inkandheadphones


    Mese fa

    I'm right handed, but people say I have 'left-handed energy'
    What's that supposed to mean?

  • Ashleigh Carpenter

    Ashleigh Carpenter

    Mese fa

    Until I was 7 my hand writing was absolutely ineligible because I didn't know left-handedness was a thing and I was just copying what my teachers told us all to do lmao

  • Jelly Mango

    Jelly Mango

    Mese fa

    Haha I can’t tell left from right without thinking for ten seconds so I know I haven’t embarrassed myself this way

  • Nicole Marzan

    Nicole Marzan

    Mese fa

    ☠☠☠it's so ridiculous I swear
    Also my mom was left handed but her dad forced her to use her right hand because all of her siblings were right handed... (plus I'm sure there was some stupid legend around lefties in my country)
    She would get hit in the right arm everytime she used it and I think it also happened at her school... wild

  • Potchatok Potchatok

    Potchatok Potchatok

    Mese fa

    I am having hard times understanding left and right so i guess i will not see something strange

  • Kitty van Dijk

    Kitty van Dijk

    Mese fa

    Oh my god, this is relatable lol "You're left-handed?? How do you write like that?? I could NEVER do things with my LEFT hand!" I really have to fight an eyeroll every time I am literally writing and someone asks me if I'm left-handed. "No Susan, I'm just pretending."

  • Sofia Kim

    Sofia Kim

    Mese fa

    My mom was actually retaught from left handed to right handed... And she's 40. It's insane just how recent left handed persecution is.... I'm ambidextrous so that's fun.

  • tiralu


    Mese fa

    I am left-handed too so I totally get this 😂

  • _ D r e a m _

    _ D r e a m _

    Mese fa

    I have a friend who's left handed so it isn't a shock-

  • _ D r e a m _

    _ D r e a m _

    Mese fa

    I have a friend who's left handed so it isn't a shock(

  • Abbey Taylor

    Abbey Taylor

    Mese fa

    My brother is left handed. He had a teacher that would get mad at him when he would write with his left hand because she thought the it meant he was stupid and didn’t know how to write properly. So she would make him sit on his left hand and write with his right hand than scold him for bad handwriting.🤨🤦‍♀️

  • polite pineapple

    polite pineapple

    Mese fa

    My mom, my sister, my dad, and my grandparents are all left handed. My brother is ambidextrous. So can somebody please tell me how I got the short end of the stick and got right-handedness?

  • AtlanticCube


    Mese fa

    I'm left handed but I don't get how other left-handed people have a hard time with right-handed scissors. I just use both left and right hand scissors equally. Maybe I'm the weird one?

  • Spiritual Snail

    Spiritual Snail

    Mese fa

    Bruh so many people are left handed, but either right handed people make it like it's the most shocking thing ever, or left handed people act like they belong in a secluded cult where they must fight the right handed lmao

  • Winged Nobody

    Winged Nobody

    Mese fa

    as a left-handed, this is relatable

  • Lia Chi

    Lia Chi

    Mese fa

    i kinda love being left-handed. it adds to my quirky image lmfao

  • A


    Mese fa

    Can you be lefthanded if you're born without hands
    Asking for a friend

  • Charles The Handsome And Brave

    Charles The Handsome And Brave

    Mese fa

    finally a fellow brethren of the left empire

  • Kinga Kucyk

    Kinga Kucyk

    Mese fa

    XD OMG that was fucking great, gal! Great, just great 🤣 keeps making my day 🤣



    Mese fa

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Isaab


    Mese fa

    I always notice when other people are also left handed.

  • Ognjen Rad

    Ognjen Rad

    Mese fa

    Thats litteraly me

  • Vanessa Whitehead

    Vanessa Whitehead

    Mese fa

    Southpaws Unite!

  • Dawn Anemone

    Dawn Anemone

    Mese fa

    My favorite reaction is from people who've known me for a little while and they act like everything has changed when they see me write for the first time. Or when they forget I'm left handed and are shocked all over again.

  • Kathleen Phipps

    Kathleen Phipps

    Mese fa

    Yes! Why do people have to tell you about the people they know who are also left handed? 😂 (a proud leftie)

  • Mr. Noodles

    Mr. Noodles

    Mese fa

    I'm left handed but always confused left and right I pretty much understood in third grade that the hand I was writing with was in fact not my right hand but my left. And why did I realize? Because my teacher told me that I might be able to cut out things better if I used right hand scissors (I use mit right hand to things with scissors) because I always had used my left hand scissors because of course adults knew I was writing with my left hand and figured I also use my left hand with scissors. Which I didn't.

  • Potterhead 11

    Potterhead 11

    Mese fa

    I am the only left-handed person in my class so I know how it feels